Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Racine Mayor John Dickert And Other City Officials Allegedly Exchange City Emails Containing Words Such As 'Nigger' 'Coon' 'Wetback' 'Monkey' 'Ghetto' 'Kickback'"

From Racine Community Media:

"A witness in the federal case has testified in a federal deposition, that she heard
Mayor John Dickert proclaim: 'It is time for these niggers to go back to Waukegan.'

"The city appears to have failed to turn over the documents related to a major civil rights lawsuit against Mayor Dickert and various city staff and elected officials. The failure to do so has caused attorneys in the case to file a 'motion to compel' with the Milwaukee federal court, whats contained in the document is utterly disgusting, insulting and totally unacceptable and is leading to a huge increase in cost to the taxpayer of racine. Read the recently filed, motion to compel, at the link below.

"Racine residents demand to know the current cost of the lawsuit, city taxpayers have been footing the bill for over 10 months, paying for all legal costs for Mayor Dickert and the other city officials."

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Dad's Response to '19 year old girl can't prove her American Citizenship'"

I don't trust him. Most young women "run away from home" for a good reason. He sounds too smooth and measured. Don't swallow the BS, Faith. Stay away. Maybe Dad is the "problem," or some other family member.

"19 year old girl can't prove her American citizenship"