Saturday, April 25, 2015

"City of Racine named as defendant in another lawsuit alleging discrimination"

From Racine Community Media:

"Fox6 News in Milwaukee reports on the second federal lawsuit to be filed against City of Racine officials & Racine Mayor John Dickert within the last year!

"More allegations of unfair treatment and discriminatory practices plague the City of Racine.

"Both cases are currently in federal court"

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And: FOX 6 News Reports On Another Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against The City of Racine -

Monday, April 20, 2015

"San Francisco Community Service Announcement"

From Knuckledraggin My Life Away:

Front butt? Dirty pillows?

Proof Positive of Aliens and/or the NSA Implanting Devices in U.S. Citizens

That's the crook of my right arm above.  Notice the red dot.  I went for lab work last week and they drew blood.  I know most of the people in the lab, but I didn't recognize the technician who had me.

Blood draws can be surprisingly painless, or not. When she jammed the needle into my arm, I almost cried out.  Jeez, it hurt like hell, but I hung on.  Afterwards, she showed me two small tubes of blood she had extracted.  Usually they take four or more, and I was doing tests for two doctors.

Anyway, I didn't think much of it until my arm started to hurt. The red spot in the picture has been there for almost a week. I've concluded that a device was implanted to monitor my movements.  I don't know if the technician worked for the NSA or was an alien plant, but I've seen these small metal pieces extracted from people who had contact with UFOs.  If my arm starts buzzing or lights up or something, I'm going to be pissed off.  Then I'll take an Exacto knife and cut out the device myself.    

Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Austin Police fire a GPS unit at fleeing car"

"At 0:23 a GPS unit is fired at the fleeing car. Remind me not to run from the police in Austin"

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I walked into Walgreens and veered left

I walked into Walgreens and veered left, down the cosmetic aisle. I had been to the store earlier and it was jammed then. I had seen the line at the prescription counter and figured that I would return later, I’d be passing by again. This time the parking lot was just as clogged. “Are they giving away money?” I said to myself.

So I veered left, hoping to bypass any crowd at the registers. You hang a left, walk to the end, hang a right, walk a little more, and you’re there. As I walked down the aisle, I saw a young woman standing in front of a shelf of cosmetics. She was standing and staring at the shelf and saying something. She was alone. There was a clerk behind her, a little further back, occupied with a cash register. The clerk didn’t seem concerned. I walked on, preparing to say, “Excuse me,” as I passed the woman. I looked for a headset, but didn’t see one. As I approached, I heard her saying, “Jesus Christ . . . shit . . . Jesus Christ . . . shit . . .” She just stood there, repeating the words, staring at the shelf. I forgot to say, “Excuse me.”

When I got to the prescription counter, there were no other customers and I made jokes with the pharmacist. As I left, I retraced my steps. Sure enough, the young woman was still there, though the clerk was now gone. This time, I walked one aisle over, but the cosmetic counter is low and I could see and hear her still saying, “Jesus Christ . . . shit . . . Jesus Christ . . . shit . . .” She did not appear disheveled or unkempt in any way. Moderately dressed, nothing abnormal.

I walked on out to the truck and took off, nearly getting clipped by someone trying to cut into a parking spot. “Maybe they’re all coming to see her,” I said to myself.

May 21, 2008