Monday, May 25, 2015

"Multiple explosions caught on camera after major accident on Indian highway"

From Live Leak:

"Two people died and several others were severely injured in a major accident on the Mumbai-Goa highway near Pen when two trucks — one carrying LPG cylinders and other carrying steel rods — collided with each other early morning on Sunday.

"According to the local police, the collision between two trucks resulted in blast of multiple LPG cylinders and one truck caught fire. The driver of the LPG truck is reported to have borne grievous burn injuries, while the other truck driver escaped with minor injuries. Others too sustained burn injuries.

"A police official at Pen said, 'The accident occurred around 5.15 am on Sunday at Hamrapur village near Pen on the NH-17 highway. While the LPG cylinder loaded truck was heading towards Mumbai, the other truck was travelling towards Pen.'"


Hot damn!  That looks like a real party.

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