Monday, June 1, 2015

"Homeless guy spits some truth"

I hear you, pal.

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Anonymous said...

How do you like the Prison Industry of Wisconsin?

Define a crime - where's the Victim? Who's the Complainant?

I've been convicted of crimes where the Complainant was the BAILIFF! and the Victim was the Corporate State of Wisconsin! People I've never met!

Normal and intelligent People would laugh at the absurdity - but it is true!

So has not The State of Wisconsin declared WAR against my person? And how can I respond?


Even after you've done your time - even if the so-called "crime" is at best questionable - or there is no bona-fide Victim - as per "ancient" Justice and law - you must pay for it every day of your remaining life.

Wisconsin is The HATEFUL STATE!