Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Machinery Row and Rodney Blackwell hit with FRAUD & BREACH OF CONTRACT LAWSUIT!!"

From Racine Community Media:
"Racine- Another lawsuit has been filed against the Machinery Row project and Rodney Blackwell. This time it’s alleged fraud and breach of contract. Questions are now circulating as to how far Racine city officials are involved in this whole mess. Asked earlier in the week by the Racine Journal Times, both Mayor Dickert and City Administrator Tom Friedel declined to comment.

"Michael Knight claims Blackwell and Machinery Row have not delivered on financial guarantees and have falsely represented themselves. Knight said he provided extensive and ongoing services covering several hundreds of hours to the project, such as reviewing and amending tax credit applications, He claims his services on the Machinery Row project included, meeting with public officials, negotiating with public entities, and working with lenders on project financing.

"Knight is also seeking damages as determined by a trial.

"City Development Director Brian O’Connell who has been involved in a lot of the behind the scenes work for Machinery Row has just unexpectedly retired from his position as City Development Director with the city. O’Connell is now attempting to take Lisa Parham’s vacated seat on the Racine School Board."


racinecountycorruption said...

It appears the criminals are playing musical chairs

OrbsCorbs said...

Does anyone know how many lawsuits have been filed or are pending against Racine?