Friday, June 5, 2015

"Sacred Rage, by Robert Gore"

"You put down the newspaper or turn off your computer because you can only take so much. Day after day an endless litany of idiocy and corruption. You know it can’t last, but when will it end? That’s the consolation—it can’t last—and there must be, sooner or later, some measure of justice. Something will happen that’s beyond the control of the controllers, the relentless grabbers of power and wealth, and their castles of cards will come tumbling down. There will be payback; they will get what they deserve—finally.

"When you were a kid, what made you the maddest? The obnoxious know-it-alls who bossed you around? The bullies who took your stuff and humiliated you? The two-faced apple-polishing teachers’ pets? Maybe a day came when you had just had enough. You told a know-it-all off, got an apple-polisher in trouble, threw the first punch and gave a bully a real fight. Maybe you got sent to the principal or beat up, but whatever the consequences, what you had done was worth it. You rebelled against something fundamentally unfair, you let something out that you could no longer keep in, and in so doing, you found the best part of yourself. Damn it, nobody was going to tell you what to do!

"Sacred rage: the rage felt by the right towards the wrong. Decent people get tired of being told what to do. The US became the US when a group of British colonists grew weary of The King’s decrees. Now, 239 years later, the US government is the leading two-faced, know-it-all bully on the planet, an immoral, out-of-control amalgamation of cynical and ruthless acolytes of absolute power."

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More people than just myself have sensed that an ominous event of some sort is about to take place.  I don't know if the economy will bottom out, or a nuclear bomb will go off somewhere, or the climate will become more violent, but something big is gonna happen soon.   

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