Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Feeling disrespected, devalued & dissapointed, Mayor Dickert’s cousin, City Administrator Tom Friedel reluctantly decides to accept a $10k dollar raise and contract extension!"

From Racine Community Media:

"Racine- 'In light of the "financial hardship" that the city used last year to leverage an 8 percent reduction in the compensation of its police officers, we are at a loss as to how such an extraordinary increase can be justified now for an individual who was hired at a lower rate of pay back in (2009),' states Todd Hoover, a criminalist and Racine Police Association president, in the letter.

"'In the eyes of many Racine Police officers, there seems to be an incredible lack of balance in how this city approaches its mission of serving this community and the taxpayers,' Hoover writes in the letter.

"'Dickert’s proposal has caused many Racine Police Association members to seriously question the city’s priorities, and has inspired a great deal of frustration amongst the men and women who risk their lives to keep our community safe.'

"Dickert responded later Thursday regarding the letter, calling its tone ‘unexpected,’ and reaffirming the difficulties the city is facing in retaining its experienced employees.

"'When you cannot increase revenues, it’s difficult to deal with the increasing expenses,' Racine City Administrator Tom Friedel said.

"Friedel & Dickert’s plan for balancing the budget calls for using funding reductions, staff cuts, reserves, cost re-allocations, and $3.1 million garnered from employees contributing more toward their health care and state pensions, all while authorizing and voting for and approving a FAT RAISE for Tom Friedel!"

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racinecountycorruption said...

Another welfare beggar in Racine trying to fatten his pockets.

John Hanner said...

He isn't trying anymore, he's doing it while garnering a 2-year extension to his contract and a raise.