Sunday, July 5, 2015

Racine: "VIDEO: Cop Pulls Man Over, Refuses to Let Him Show Insurance, Gives Him Ticket for No Insurance"

By Matt Agorist on June 26, 2015 
"Racine, WI — James Wells was driving through town this week when he was stopped by a cop for a missing front license plate.

"During the stop, Wells says the officer refused to let him get his insurance, after she asked him for his insurance. The officer then wrote him a ticket for failure to provide proof of insurance!

"As the officer is writing up the various pieces of paper that will be used to extort this man, Wells grabs his cell phone and proceeds to go off.

"'When she came to the car and she asked if I have a drivers license, I said yes, I have to look for it though it’s in my glove compartment. She said no, I don’t know what you’re reaching for, do not reach for it,' Wells explains the officer’s fearful tactics.

"'When you ask me if I have insurance, and I reach to show you my insurance you get scared? And then you assume I don’t have any,' says Wells, describing the irrational nature of this officer.

"'What am I gonna reach for'? asks Wells. 'Am I gonna reach for a football? Or one of my books'"?

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