Monday, August 17, 2015

"City Of Racine Ignores Warning Of Illegal Tax On It’s Residents!!!!"

From Racine Community Media:

"In a desperate attempt to raise taxes on Racine residents and homeowners, The City Of Racine is going against all warnings to not proceed with this idea. Racine County Treasurer Jane Nikolai gave the city her advice.

"'You cannot put a special assessment on a property without a direct benefit to the property owner. If they do that it will be an illegal tax and they will be fined by the Department of Revenue,' she said. 'I told them that.'

"To more equitably spread that cost, DPW Director Mark Yehlen has proposed that all needed sidewalk repairs, including city-owned pathways in parks and other locations, be paid for by a fee assessed to property owners on their annual tax bill. Residential property owners would pay $25 a year, under the proposal, commercial property owners $50.

"'The sidewalks are there for the benefit of everybody and the folks that have sidewalks are the ones that have been paying the freight,' he said. 'People who don’t have sidewalks have been getting off scot-free.'

"Alderman Jim Morgenroth noted that he paid to replace 36 sidewalk squares over the years and wouldn’t mind 'throwing $25 into the pot' to make the process less painful."

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Where's our rubber sidewalks?  Another lying John lie.

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