Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Mayor Dickert’s Chief Of Staff Greg Bach kicks the Mayor to the curb and has abruptly quit his job with the City Of Racine!!!!"

From Racine Community Media:

"All this in the midst of a major federal lawsuit which both Greg Bach and the Mayor himself were named in, that was filed in early 2014.

"Feb. 26th 2014- Dickert’s administrative assistant, Greg Bach, who also is named in the lawsuit, said Wednesday that the mayor had no comment.

"'There is no comment at this point, and there will be no comment; we are sending all requests for comment to the attorney who is handling the case,' Bach said. -Source Journal Times

"Sources are saying ongoing lies and lawsuit tensions and more reports of internal disfunction and fighting may have led to his abrupt departure. It’s rumored that Bach will now be pursuing a career as a stand up comedian. (No Joke)

"It seems Bach is joined by a growing list of city officials running for the hills and quitting Dickert and his failed policies. The recent list includes: Alderman Greg Helding, City Of Development Director Brian O’Connell, City Attorney Rob Weber. All of them quitting within the last 4 months, who’s next?"

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