Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Madison Police Officer Signs Off In Unique Way"

From LiveLeak:

"No cops shooting people. No cops chasing some idiot till he crashes. Just one of those invisible good cops retiring in a memorable way

"Officer Derrick Jones served the Madison Police Department with honor for 15 years. He spent some of his days as a traffic enforcement decoy, crossing streets in marked crosswalks to educate drivers on yielding to walkers. That task earned him the nickname 'Duck,' which he referenced in his musical farewell.

"Officer Jones was struck by a vehicle one day in 2009 as he was leaving work and crossing a downtown street in the crosswalk. His injuries forced him to go on light duty for a period of time, a fact that also made its way into Jones’ rendition of the 'Boyz II Men' classic."


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