Saturday, September 12, 2015

People comment on how I work.

People comment on how I work.

            “You do the job of two men.”
            “Don’t you ever stop?”
            “My God . . .”

            I have an all steel spade.  It weighs six pounds and rings like a bell when I throw it into the earth.  It is my favorite tool.  I have used it to do everything.  With that spade and a wheelbarrow, I can move a mountain.
            I stopped drinking and started working.  Same difference.  Two hours of digging makes you drunk. Eight hours and you’re so fucked up that you barely can think or walk.

Ecstasy involves pain.

            My friend says, “Whether you write or not, you are a writer.”
            I reply, “It’s easier to plant twenty trees than to write one damn poem.”


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