Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Racial discrimination allegations: Racine leaders want federal lawsuit tossed as NAACP calls on DOJ"

From Fox6now:

Posted 5:07 pm, September 29, 2015, by , Updated at 07:17pm, September 29, 2015

"RACINE -- A federal lawsuit claims white city officials in Racine discriminated against minority business owners. Recently released court documents show the city wants the lawsuit thrown out. This, as the president of Milwaukee's NAACP chapter is calling on the Department of Justice to investigate this case.

"'To me, that garners the NAACP's attention and it should garner the Department of Justice's attention,' Fred Royal with the Milwaukee NAACP said.

"The federal lawsuit was filed earlier this year against the city of Racine, alleging it unlawfully targeted minority business owners because of their race.

"Those with the group 'Racine Equality Project' believe the claim has merit.

"'I would be shocked if he didn't allow it to be used in the trial process,' Ken Yorgan with the Racine Equality Project said.

"However, attorneys for the city are asking that the case be thrown out -- saying in filed court documents: 'Plaintiffs' evidence of alleged racially discriminatory intent does not create a genuine issue of material fact.'"

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Anonymous said...

DOJ needs to investigate the entire corrupt power structure in Racine County, including:

Racine County DA Rich "I'm Not a Criminal" Chiapete (ROFLOL), Mount Pleasant Police Chief Tim "I didn't beat my Wife" Zarzecki, Curt "I didn't molest my stepdaughter" Johnson, Retired Police Chief Kurt Whalen who was admonished by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals for refusing to swear to a Complaint and denying a man of due process, Former County Executive "Little Buddy" Jimmy Ladwig - whose Wife got a lucrative job at Ayra's on Washington Ave, Racine County Supervisor Monte Osterman who can't produce form 990's for his Root River Council INC. business and has current tax warrants against him, Robert's Roost 600 Sixth St., which currently has a REVOKED Sellers license YET is still open for Business ,

D.P. Wigley and the Flynns who owe tens of thousands in delinquent taxes and property taxes....

OR perhaps Mayor John Dickert, who fired an Embezzler..... whom he has refused to name, while RPD has not conducted a proper investigation into this person, and whom Judge Gerald "The Home Court Advantage" found to be acting as Mayor while he was campaigning on a radio station.....

legal stranger said...

"The Home Court Advantage" how apropos !