Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"Another strip club seeks to open in downtown Milwaukee"

From JSOnline:


So how come Milwaukee's downtown is booming and ours has for rent and sale signs? 


Anonymous said...

It's because Racine Whor.... uh, women will strip for free in the streets instead of demanding payment on top of a stage with a pole.

It is time to bring back TUBBY's, The Rialto and the Venetian (ala the 70's) to Racine!

OrbsCorbs said...

I remember all three well. Racine was even mentioned in Playboy for all its strip clubs.

They could never duplicate the Venetian today. I heard it was about twice as hard to demolish as they thought it was going to be. It's a sin that that was torn down, but we do have the Johnson Building to replace it.

Anonymous said...

Can you call that progress? From strait up 70's hot chik porn to...

A Peodophile! OH! How Racine had fallen! Please bring back the good old days!

Profligate Son: A Billionaire Scion's Sex Crime Allegations Rock A Company Town
This story is featured in the latest FORBES 400 issue, newsstand date October 10, 2011.

Drive into Racine, Wis. from the north and the first thing you notice are the cheap strip malls and dilapidated houses. Between fast-food joints, Cigarette City sells discounted Marlboros. Almost every storefront on State Street is boarded up. Kids on push bikes hustle passersby for coins outside a Walgreens.

In February, without warning, eldest son Curt Johnson resigned as chairman of Johnson-owned Diversey, an industrial-cleaning firm doing $3 billion in annual sales. In March the 56-year-old was charged with “repeated sexual assault of a child” over a three-year period, involving a young girl he’d known well since she was a small child. If convicted, he faces up to 40 years in prison. Curt pleaded not guilty in April. Racine is holding its collective breath for the trial to begin, probably some time next year. Much stir though the scandal has caused, few Racinians are willing to talk openly about it. Lurid fascination is tempered by fear of who might be listening in.

The criminal complaint against Curt Johnson makes for a distressing read. Between 2007 and 2010 he is alleged to have molested the same young girl up to 20 times. She was 12, between the sixth and seventh grades, when it started, she told a forensic interviewer at the Racine Child Advocacy Center. The complaint veers toward the graphic, but its printable portions describe Curt as having a “touching problem” and a “sex addiction.” The child is quoted as alleging that Curt “molested” her and that “she finally told her mother about what was happening to her because she wanted to protect her younger sisters.”

Read more: http://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2011/09/21/profligate-son-a-billionaire-scions-sex-crime-allegations-rock-a-company-town/2/

Anonymous said...

Five days after charges were filed, when he was fingerprinted, Curt was already listed as “retired” on Sheriff’s Department paperwork. By June 1 the company was sold to packaging giant Sealed Air, makers of Bubble Wrap, in a $4.3 billion deal. Diversey spokesman John Matthews says the timing of the sale was coincidental and that Sealed Air had been pursuing Diversey long before the allegations broke. Today Curt has no further involvement with the companies bearing his name. The family chose not to comment for this story, adding it “continues to hope for the best for all involved.”

BTW - Sealed Air is in North Carolina..... just where Curt Johnson moved his "Family" to - and was allowed to hide his stepdaughter!

Sealed Air Corp. plans to relocate to Charlotte, N.C., where it will consolidate about 1,300 jobs by closing its current headquarters in New Jersey and other offices in Wisconsin, Connecticut and South Carolina within the next three years.

The maker of plastic wrap and commercial cleaning products said it expects to receive more than $36 million in grants over 12 years from the state of North Carolina in exchange for creating jobs in the state.

Sealed Air will use the state's job development grants to recoup the company's lease payments on the headquarters building, which will be constructed near the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.