Sunday, October 18, 2015


so I have to work late it is an emergency it is always an emergency everything is always forever an emergency it has to be done right now it has to be done it is the most important thing on the face of the earth we’re all going to die and crumble to dust but this is more important always so I’m late and don’t make my regular AA meeting OK I go to the library instead where there’s this new poetry thing in session now every other week they’re reading poems and stuff I guess so I walk there to the library and check this out and it is mostly young kids getting up there pretty gutsy and reading their stuff and generally having a good time and a few older ones too get up and strut their stuff it is all pretty good I guess and then it’s over and here I am in the library so why not check out the shelves the literature see what stuff is up there ey and I look and see and the quick take is that it is the same old same old nothing effing new and I end up taking home some Buk and some Kerouac big surprise I walk home thinking at least the reading got me thinking the trees streetside in the cold dark look haunted I can tell most of them by genus and species now what a miracle Ginkgo biloba, Crataegus something or the other some sort of hawthorn shit if I know the boot heels click and clack past the funeral home and I’m walking home with books in hand for probably the first time in a few years but will I read them do I care do I know on and on it goes


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