Tuesday, October 13, 2015


From Racine County Corruption:

"A five thousand dollar reward has been offered by the Kenosha County Sheriff’s department for information leading to the arrest of Andrew Obregon.

"During the last few weeks, Mr. Obregon has proven to be elusive by avoiding capture.  Both the Racine and Kenosha Sheriff’s departments have failed to arrest him, slipping thru their fingers like buttered corn.

"Several residents have offered to help the impaired law enforcement community, including the use of a drone to scout the tall cornfields.
"Grand Theft AutoRacine and Kenosha style!"

"The Racine and Kenosha Sheriff Departments have placed a high priority on arresting Town of Brighton resident criminal Andrew Obregon.

"During the month of October, Obregon has eluded local authorities on high speed chases in both counties numerous times, allegedly in stolen vehicles.

"Obregon's intimate knowledge of Racine and Kenosha's streets and off road dirt trails have played an important role of eluding the pursuing police.
It appears plenty of people have been rendering aid to Mr. Obregon during his run.

"Despite the full focus of the sheriff's department's personnel, including the use of K-9's and helicopters, Obregon has successfully avoided capture.

"Mr Obregon has developed a following the likes of the infamous "Run Bambi Run" Lawrencia Bembenek.

"Mr. Obregon is wanted for questioning in the homicide of Tywon Anderson.

"Tywon Anderson was acquainted with Obregon and reported missing on Sept. 19th., found dead in a cornfield off of Hwy A in Kenosha County.


"Unconfirmed reports have been circulating that Obregon may have been involved in the death of  Fox Lake 
police officer
 Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz ,
who last reported 
was pursuing three suspicious suspects before he was found dead by fellow officers of gunshot wounds by the officer's own gun. 

"If you see Mr. Obregon, inform him that both the Racine and Kenosha Sheriff's Offices wishes to give him a ride to the........."

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