Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shingles Selfie

See that shit near my armpit?  That wraps around to my back. but there's no one else here to take a back photo but me and Charlie.  I tried a few times and gave up.  The shit follows neural pathways.  If you touch it, it hurts like hell. Wearing clothing is painful.

20 % of shingles sufferers suffer permanent nerve damage from the disease.  And it can reappear, in the same or different locations.  I was told today that triggers include a low immune system (not that I'm aware of) and stress.  Bingo!  Stress is coming out of every orifice of my body.  If they could convert stress to electricity, I could probably light up a mid-sized town.

I remember asking my physician about the shingles vaccine last year.  He didn't seem too enthused.  Check out this site:  Even the CDC admits that the shingles vaccine is only about 60% effective.

So, we'll see how this progresses and take it from there.  Hopefully I got on the anti-viral soon enough.  Whatever, once I'm healthy again, I think I'll get the shingles shot if my insurance covers it.  I heard it's expensive.  But if there's anything I can do to avoid a repeat of this, I'm going for it.

I hear it can take a long, long time for shingles to heal.  I don't know if I have that much time left.

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Anonymous said...

Now you know how a shingle feels when you drive a nail thru it.