Sunday, October 18, 2015


sit sit sit here a thousand times
sit here
I’m reading some good poetry again
the first time in years
decades maybe I dunno I was so drunk
good poetry sit sit
and now again finally again now I finally want to write
sit sit sit at the typewriter
no it’s the nineties
no it’s not it’s the new millennium
I’m sober and I want to write again
eagerly finally finally again
I’m sober in the next century and I’ve forgotten how to write
forgotten what I was going to say
blacked out for twenty years
or so
and now I sit sit reading some really good poetry again
and I
and I sit at the word processor the computer
and I sit sit sit
the bright white screen throbbing
I cannot remember what I was going to write
I was so drunk
so long
so long ago
I was sitting
sit sit sitting
I sit sit thinking of what I forgot to say


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