Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dog Beater: "Racine man arrested for allegedly throwing dog into wall"

From The Journal

"RACINE — A Racine man was arrested Thursday when he allegedly beat a 1-year-old pit bull in a fit of rage.

"Police were called to the 2500 block of Northwestern Avenue at about 1:15 p.m. for a report of animal abuse.

"Brian Reichardt reportedly had been 'throwing a dog into the wall of an apartment,' according to a criminal complaint.

"Reichardt reportedly left the scene before officers arrived, but was located and arrested at a nearby gas station.

"According to Reichardt's girlfriend, the couple were arguing as they arrived home, at which point Reichardt said he was going to kill the 1-year-old pit bull, Ghost.
Credit - Jouranl Times

"Police said Reichardt went to Ghost's kennel, grabbed him, and threw him against a nearby wall, making a small hole where the dog's head struck. Reichardt also allegedly threw the dog against a hallway wall, and threw it against a door frame as it tried to return to its kennel.

"Several people were able to restrain Reichardt so that the dog could escape, and they placed the dog safely in a car until police arrived, according to the criminal complaint.

"The dog was yelping and crying throughout the attack, according to the criminal complaint."

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Look at the smugness on this bastard's face.  I'd throw him into a pit with a rabid dog.  

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