Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Dallas Cowboys Last Super Bowl Party"

Nice TV.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a bad year for Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys Suck

Dallas Cowboys and Their Fans are Morons

OrbsCorbs said...

My dad hung out at Romo's Bar for awhile. That Romo is the uncle of Tony Romo. He moved from his first location (In our "hood.") to a building two blocks from our house. What I remember most about Romo's is my old man playing his harmonica at the bar. The guy next to him took the harmonica out of my old man"s mouth and dropped it into dad's beer.

Dad would bring his harmonica to bars and play. When he got drunk enough, he would sing. (He had a great voice. I can't hold a note.) This almost invariably resulted, sooner or later, in dad being tossed out of the bar. He was tossed out 5 to 10 times from every bar in the neighborhood, and more.

In uncle Romo's last bar there was a fire that consumed the second story of the building. Uncle Romo said he had been cleaning the bar's carpeting with gasoline (!?) when it suddenly caught fire. The second story of the building was razed and made the building into a one-story. There was a lot of speculation of arson. Who the hell cleans carpeting with gasoline? No charges were ever filed,

The bar operated there for years, then he sold it. I can't remember the new name the new owners gave the bar, but in AA I met two different men who had worked there. I think one was a former owner of the bar.