Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Ex-police chief beat junkie who stole his porn, sex toys: feds"

Former Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke is walked out of FBI headquarters. Photo: Victor Alcorn
"A former Suffolk County police chief beat up and threatened to kill a junkie who stole a duffel bag containing porn DVDs and sex toys from the chief’s official vehicle — then arm-twisted other cops to cover up the assault, the feds charged Wednesday.

"James Burke, who resigned in October, was busted on ­civil-rights and obstruction charges for allegedly assaulting Christopher Loeb in a rage after the handcuffed burglary suspect called him a “pervert” over the stolen bag’s racy ­contents.
Christopher Loeb 

Photo: Suffolk County Sheriff Department

"Then, court papers allege, the disgraced lawman forced lower-level cops to get their 'stories straight' and keep him in the clear — intimidating them so badly that one even lied under oath on the witness stand.

"Loeb was arrested on Dec. 14, 2012, at his mother’s Smithtown home, where authorities found 'a cache of property stolen from numerous vehicles,' including from Burke’s police-issued SUV.

 "'The items stolen from Burke’s vehicle included his gun belt, magazines of ammunition, a box of cigars, a humidor and a canvas bag that contained, among other items, sex toys and adult pornography,' the fed documents say"

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Another one bites the dust.  Corruption everywhere.

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legal stranger said...

From one perp to another perp.
The real question is who is the bigger danger to the community?