Sunday, December 6, 2015

"eye surgery for kitten"

Created December 4, 2015

Nicole Sweely 

"I had a craigslist post either looking for a home, rescue, or help with this kittens vet bills and someone responded that maybe I should get a gofundme account, one person responded that she could find a cheaper vet but I'm understanding that that means they take away other procedures from the surgery. The vet got me down to 379 with by taking away the pre surgery blood work and a diagnostic exam for the eye after they remove it, but she's 11 months old and only 3 and a half pounds so she already could have other problems so I would like to try to keep those things in the price, if I could. Even though i don't think I can keep her I'd like to do it right. I think 700 will cover the surgery, the diagnostic procedure, the blood work and any medication or follow up appointments afterward. The story with her is I first saw her about 4 weeks ago taking my dog to her sitters, the kitten was sitting in front of her house meowing and walked right up to my dog and nuzzled her, and I had asked the sitter whose she was? She said she was her sisters. Her eye was red at the time but it didn't look too bad and I thought it would either heal or that they were treating it. Yesterday was the second time I've seen her since 4 weeks ago and her eye was huge. It was 3 times bigger, and I asked the sitter of they were taking her to a vet. She said yes but didn't seem concerned. She also said they were moving to a new place Friday (today). And since the cat was her sisters I didn'. Know what was going to happen so I drove home calling different groups to see if I could get the kitty to the vet at low cost, and found vet in plano. All the stuff I said at the beginning is what I found out from her. I took the kitty into about 3 different stores yesterday picking up food and Supplies and she purred shoulder the whole time. Even with a big bulging eye she is so sweet. The vet gave me 5 days of pain meds but she didn't want to wait long to get the surgery so that's all the time I have to figure out what's going to happen. In.the end I hope I can.find a rescue or a new family since I won't have a lot of time to spend with Her during.her recovery and I can't keep her. If I get any funding I'll give any left over money to the vet assigned to take care of her or else the rescue she goes to (if that's what happens). I just want to make sure she is cared for. Any thing will help. Thank you."

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Nicole is an online friend of mine from way back.  Please share the above link with friends and on other sites.  If you can, please donate to help out the kitten.

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