Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Hertzberg: JT should not allow anonymous online comments"

From The Journal

December 15, 2015 12:15 am (23) Comments

"It is reprehensible that The Journal Times continues to allow readers to post comments online anonymously. Many comments are mean and judgmental. In some cases, they are also racist. Some clearly show that the poster did not read the article carefully before hitting the keyboard because he or she is asking questions that were answered in the story.

"These comments do not advance community dialogue in any positive way. It is reasonable to assume that we would not read these comments if the writers had to sign their name, as with letters to the editor in the print edition. Indeed, the newspaper does not print letters to the editor without first verifying the identity of the letter writer. Why should online posts meet a lower standard as e-readership eclipses print readership?

"A Lee newspaper in Montana recently announced that it will not allow anonymous posts after Jan. 1. The Journal Times should follow the lead of its sister newspaper.

"Mark Hertzberg


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I didn't even know that the Journal Times allowed anonymous commenting again.  The censorship  sugested by Mr. Hertzberg led to the creation of the JT Irregulars.


Anonymous said...

The Internet is full of Stranger Danger - and weirdo stalkers - there are NO anonymous internet posters - only pseudonyms to protect the identity of the user - who must register and provide some information to the Blog being commented on. Hertzberg is a radical who has an agenda and practices the very same hate he claims other preach - he is an intolerant ass and a bigot.

Foxtrot Union Charlie Kilo The Journal Times and Mark Hertzberg-

Use fake names on Facebook and Twitter, says the head of government internet security

"Facebook and Twitter users should make up fake names and not use their real identity, according to a senior government advisor. Andy Smith, head of internet security at the Cabinet Office, claimed using pseudonyms online ‘a very sensible thing to do’.

Mr Smith told a Whitehall conference: ‘When you put information on the internet do not use your real name, your real date of birth. ‘When you are putting information on social networking sites don't put real combinations of information, because it can be used against you.’

Fraudsters could compile personal information ‘from Google, social networking sites, from email footers, all sorts of places’, he warned. Criminals were capable of ‘bringing this information together and cross-correlating information and then they are using it against you’."

Mark Hertzberg wants to enable criminals and fraudsters - or worse - he has a radical agenda and The JT is his Bullypulpit!

racinecountycorruption said...

As noted above, The JT already has systems in place to address the very issues Mark Hertzberg complains about.

I emailed Mr. Hertzberg about his letter to the editor, to which he responded thru a third party.

Mark Hertzberg along with many of his ex co-workers at the JT are blinded by their zealous thoughts of grandeur, of imposing their thoughts upon the public, of being important, of being acknowledged and being relevant. They pick and choose their news, spin it the way they wish and then regurgitate their bile to the public.

Anonymous said...

From JTI Irregulars, my commentary to KK Dither - who practices a double standard and protected Toad from being called out because he is an Asshole:

KK stated: "Their comment section is used by a handful of non-productive people who use multiple account names, and spew nothing but garbage. It is really a disgrace to our community, as the opinions stated there do not reflect the general population. It is really a disgrace to our community, as the opinions stated there do not reflect the general population."

Really? And what do you base that on? Besides your personal opinion? You have no facts to base your groundless claims on - yet you state them as a fact - you are wrong to do so - that is NOT your right.

KK stated: "I personally don't see the value of reading their comments."

That is your opinion and your right to exercise as you will -

KK Stated: "The Journal Times requires, at minimum, a pseudo name, with a verified email address. Your IP # is available, and your Internet connection can be officially traced through court order. "

That is correct - and no one has ever, as far as I know, made any comment for which they were arrested or charged with a crime for. There are no anonymous comments and Mark Hertzberg is a whiner.

KK Stated: " We respect each other here, and name calling is not allowed. I removed the last comment because it was inappropriate, was a personal attack, and against our policy."

I believe that you apply a double standard, and I simply called a snarky comment - from a snarky commentator - out. I'm not whining or complaining about the comment - I fully understand the connotation - and it speaks to the intelligence of the commentator, who chose to submit a personal attack against me instead of commenting on the article, when
Toad stated: "Tricky Dicky, You probably have a stockpile of food also eh?" Interceding to protect Toad is your business.

Enjoy your day.

OrbsCorbs said...

The pettiness at the Journal Times is astounding. Sometimes I think they're still in grade school. Immature crybabies.

Anonymous said...

T D - here is my two cents which isn't even worth the paper this is written on, are you laughing?
Why bother commenting on a now irrelevant site?
It is now an old woman's club that can't serve cheese with its whine.
Look at the stats, Irregular hits is now below 200 a day and dropping, the only reason the hits aren't below 100 a day is because of paranoia.

Tea anybody?

legal stranger said...

I'm laughing !
As OrbsCorbs stated, immature crybabies, but they are everywhere !
I directly emailed Mark Hertzberg because he hasn't learned enough history.
Mr. hertzberg sat in the courtrooms for many years and to my knowledge has never filed a complaint about misconduct by any court official. Mr. Hertzberg has the attributes of the classic Schultz from Hogan's Hereo's ..I see nothing.....I hear nothing......I know nothing.....until he writes letters to the editors whining about nom de plume comments.
Hey girls Parlez-vous hum a hum a?

Anonymous said...

Orbscorb is the *NEW HOME* of Free Speech in Racine!

Note to Admin: Did you ever google Orbscorb? It comes up with a couple of old posts, and doesn't direct one to the current post, or homepage. Can you fix that?

legal stranger said...


Thru explorer, Google and Google chrome without signing in, the orbcorbs prompt is dead on the money.


OrbsCorbs said...

I googled OrbsCorbs and the first hit was this site, then links to some blogs on here. I'm using Firefox and Windows XP.

You can post anything you want here as long as it's not illegal