Wednesday, December 23, 2015

JM - 13

When my parents were raising me in bars, occasionally my mother would want to go home earlier than dad.  (I didn't want to go home with dad for different reasons than mom: His driving scared the shit out of me when he was sober.  Drunk, it was even worse.)  Just as occasionally, my mother had been flirting with some other guy in the bar.  He'd end up offering her a ride home, and I always went along.  Some of them just dropped us off, but more than one invited themselves in, expecting a piece of ass from mom.  She didn't do much to discourage them, so I found myself physically putting myself between them.  Sometimes I had to do that a number of times.  Sometime, the guy would threaten me with a beating.  That was fine, I just didn't want anyone  fucking my mother but my dad..  The "suitors" became bored and pissed off, and they'd leave.

Of course, how many times was I not there?  I don't know why my mother did this.  I think she wanted to prove that she was still pretty and could still interest a man, but what the hell do I know?

It was a fucked up way to raise a kid, that I knew.  But it was all I had.   And within a few years, I'd be out on the streets with friends while mom and dad drank.  An expert example of juvenile delinquency.  I was busted once for turning in a false fire alarm.  That was back in the days that they had fire call boxes all over the city.  I was also busted once for underage drinking in a motor vehicle. 

When you add it all up, though, what I got away with far outweighed the punishments I received.  It pays to be a crook,  especially a political crook.     

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