Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Lincoln Hills youth had toes amputated after run-in with staff"

From JSOnline:

Mark Hoffman

State and federal authorities are investigating a range of potential crimes at the Lincoln Hills School for Boys, a juvenile prison, including second-degree sexual assault, physical child abuse and intimidation of victims and witnesses.


By Jason Stein, Patrick Marley and Ashley Luthern of the Journal Sentinel-Dec. 16, 2015 12:47 p.m

  "The probe into a troubled Northwoods juvenile prison intensified after a Nov. 29 incident in which a staff member shoved an inmate into his room and slammed the door, catching the youth's foot against the jamb and leaving it so mangled that toes had to be amputated, according to sources familiar with the incident.

"The staff member also punched the closed metal door hard enough to require medical attention himself just after the incident, which was captured on video that is now in the hands of law enforcement. He was put on paid leave and has since quit.

"Interviews and records from the office of Lincoln County Sheriff Jeff Jaeger provide new glimpses into conditions at the Lincoln Hills School for Boys and the Copper Lake School for Girls, located 30 miles north of Wausau.

"In the past two months alone at the prison, two teenage girls hanged themselves to the point of losing consciousness, a staff member allegedly pepper-sprayed two juvenile inmates who were complying with orders, and a staff member allegedly battered another staff member, according to 258 pages of documents released to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel under the open records law.

"Those recent incidents came after a year of warnings about Lincoln Hills to state Department of Corrections officials from a variety of sources, including Milwaukee County officials, union leaders and state Rep. Mary Czaja (R-Irma).

"Disruptions continue, said Mark Towne, the former assistant superintendent of McNaughton Correctional Center in Tomahawk.:

Fuck them, fuck them, fuck them.

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