Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"'Only The Lonely' ~ The Motels"


OrbsCorbs said...

God, I love saxophone. That's probably because our next door neighbor when I was growing up played saxophone in a weekend band. He would practice at night in his kitchen, which was directly across from my bedroom window. I don't know how many times I fell asleep to Joe playing his sax.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, some poor Yemeni is silently grieving:

Caught On Tape: Saudi Warplanes Vaporize Coca Cola Plant In Yemen

The Saudi intervention in Yemen dates back to March of this year when airstrikes dubbed “Operation Decisive Storm” began. At that point, the Houthis had advanced all the way to Aden, driving President Mansur Hadi into exile in Riyadh. With the help of ground troops from the UAE and Qatar, the Saudi-led coalition has now pushed the rebels back to Sana’a, home of a UNESCO world heritage site which has sustained irreparable damage under heavy Saudi airstrikes.

Despite ceasefire talks held earlier this month, the violence continues as Saudi Arabia has been forced to shoot down three Scud missiles fired from Yemen over the past two weeks.

Well, in case the obliteration of an MSF hospital in Saada wasn’t enough to convince you that Riyadh is spending wisely on the war effort, today we learn that a Saudi airstrike has decimated a Coca Cola bottling factory in Sana’a on Wednesday.

We can only assume it was a “rebel hideout” much like the MSF hospital the US destroyed in Kunduz in October. Below, find the video of the strike along with images from the rubble.