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Knoxville police ask community to step up after gang shooting, ‘cowardly and senseless acts of violence’

2 young men killed, including a 15-year-old Fulton High School football player who died shielding 3 girls from bullets.

Zaevion William Dobson, 15, a Fulton High School football player died shielding three girls from bullets according to Rausch. “I want to start out by expressing my condolences to the families impacted by the violence last night, especially to the Dobson family for their loss,” he said.

Lisa Perry was injured when she was shot in the back several times, according to Rausch. In a second shooting just hours later, Lisa Perry’s son, Brandon Perry was shot and later died from his injuries.

Rausch said shooters picked a random group of young men and women, including Dobson, who were gathered to celebrate the holiday. “This cowardly and senseless acts of violence must stop. We ask for peace and I plea with the faith community, please pray for our community, but this stops now,” he said. “We should be preparing to celebrate the Christmas holiday, but now we have two young men who are dead and we have a woman in the hospital who is recovering from her wounds.”

At 1:59 a.m. police said a 2002 BMW crashed into an apartment at 1201 Green Hills Apartments. At that location police said they had to rescue a woman who was trapped inside her apartment. Fortunately, Rausch said the woman was not injured.

The driver of the vehicle, Brandon Perry, was shot prior to crashing the vehicle into the apartment, according to Rausch. He was transported to University of Tennessee Medical Center for treatment, according to police. At approximately 6:00 a.m. Friday morning Rausch said Perry died from his injuries. No other injuries were reported, according to police.

Brandon Perry has a criminal history that includes several drug related offenses, unlawful possession of a weapon and alteration of distinguishing numbers. Police at the time of the incident in March 2014 say he filed the serial numbers off of a handgun.

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You can't fix stupid!

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It is often forgotten that while Black on Black violence on a smaller scale is an epidemic - White People have were behind the World Wars - which have never seemed to end. In fact, it is WHITE governments that are the most deadly mass murderers in history - coupled with Jewish Physics which gave nuclear weapons to the upright bipedal primate which erroneously named itself "homo sapiens" - Homo sapiens (Latin: "wise person")

We're more like the cockroaches of the Universe:

... in the first place, I put forth a general inclination of all mankind a perpetual and restless desire of power after power, that ceaseth only in death. — Thomas Hobbes, LEVIATHAN

The destruction of the natural world is not the result of global capitalism, industrialisation, “Western civilisation” or any flaw in human institutions. It is a consequence of the evolutionary success of an exceptionally rapacious primate. Throughout all of history and prehistory, human advance has coincided with ecological devastation. — John Gray, STRAW DOGS

Genocide is as human as art or prayer. — John Gray


While it would be considered "insensitive" I do believe that a correct observation is that the Black Race is following the White Race - they just haven't gained the resources or political power to do it on a global scale - Pikers!

1 MAO ZEDONG. China (1949-76) Regime Communist Victims 60 million. China's so-called 'Great Helmsman' was in fact the greatest mass murderer in history. ...

2 JOSEPH STALIN. Soviet Union (1929-53) Regime Communist Victims 40 million. ...

3 ADOLF HITLER. Germany (1933-45) Regime Nazi dictatorship Victims 30 million...

But let us NOT forget that WARS require TWO WILLING PARTIES - and a support structure in the Homeland to supply manpower and equipment - and that the US has started wars on false pretenses - "false flags" to speak - and History is written by the Victors -

And while Obama is the President of the US - his actions are dictated and coordinated by a host of White Advisers and Policy Makers.

SPEAKING LOCALLY - look at the rotten edifice that is the corrupt power structure in Racine - If people like John Dickert, Rich and Jennifer Chiapete, Tim Zarzecki and Kurt Whalen weren't White, privileged, and in power - the criminal acts they could commit would be of a lower quality and subject them to a criminal record, hefty fines and long prison terms. Negro crime doesn't pay - WHITE COLLAR crime does!

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1. I think you meant "Mousy Tongue" and "The Rise of the Chinese Yellow River" by I.P.Daily.
2. Joseph Stalin - Joey was a misunderstood dick tater.
3. Adolf Hitler - Another misunderstood dick tater and impressionist artist that like to use blood and charred remains for his paintings
4 ? RACINE OOOOOOOHOHHHH Now we are talking about some real shit here, Damn better call in the U. N. for some assistance.