Monday, January 25, 2016

"Can MTP Afford To Employ Kurt Whalen as Village Administrator?"



Anonymous said...

From The Wisconsin Court of Appeals, which stated in Holmes v Wahlen, Case 2012 WI APP 123:

“Holmes petitioned the circuit court for judicial review of the Council’s decision, alleging that the City, Council, and Committee failed to act according to law when they acted upon an unsworn written complaint, that the City, Council, and Committee violated Holmes’s due process rights by retaining a special prosecutor to draft a complaint and act as legal counsel for Wahlen, and that the City failed to act according to law by providing Wahlen with nonpublic information. The City, Council, Committee, and Wahlen 2 moved the circuit court for confirmation of the decision to revoke; Holmes moved to vacate the Council’s decision. The circuit court found that the complaint was not properly sworn, that the improper swearing deprived the Committee of jurisdiction over the due process hearing, and that the improper swearing was a fundamental error that deprived Holmes of due process.”

Doesn't what the Court describe - Kurt Wahlen acting illegally in concert with others to deprive a man of due process and take his property a crime? SO why has The State of Wisconsin FAILED in it's duty to protect the Rights and Property of Holmes, bring criminal charges against Kurt Wahlen and his co-conspirators, and restore the property of Holmes? Is it because The State of Wisconsin is a failed and criminal State - and that former AG J.B. Van Hollen chose to protect the criminals who operate The City of Racine - because they are politicians and public employees? Does being a corrupt AG and protecting the politically connected from the consequences of the crimes they commit pay big? YOU BET IT DOES!

J.B. Van Hollen Joins BGR Government Affairs
Former Attorney General Expands Firm’s State Practice

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 3, 2015 – J.B. Van Hollen, recent two-term Attorney General of Wisconsin, has joined BGR Group as Senior Counsel. BGR Group is the premier bipartisan government relations and strategic communications firm with offices in Washington and London. Founded by former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, BGR represents clients at the state, federal and international levels.

Government crime pays well in the criminal State of Wiscosnin

legal stranger said...

J.B. Van Hollen abused his position and lied to protect government employees engaged in criminal acts against the public. HOLMES V. WHALEN IS ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG.