Tuesday, January 19, 2016

JM - 17

AdSense and Me.

This past Sunday evening, I installed AdSense on OrbsCorbs.com in an attempt to supplement my income.  You can allow ads at the top of your sidebar and/or underneath the first two blogs.  I went full tilt and signed up for all.

The  amount of space they take from the sidebar is large.  The installation program said it may take up to 15 minutes for ads to show.  I had ads showing within a few minutes.  They were ugly as hell to me because they destroyed the feel of OrbsCorbs.com.  I posted this:

I forgot about it and screwed around on the net as usual.  When I went back to OrbsCorbs.com a few minutes later, there were large empty spaces where the ads had been.  When I checked with AdSense, they said my blog was under review of their Terms and Conditions.

Screw it.  I took down the above post, I uninstalled as much of the code as I could and shut down my AdSense account.  It's pretty strange when you get "banned" from your own blog.  I must say, I seem to have a touch for it.

Anyway, it felt weird when the ads were showing.  I felt like I was violating my values and/or lack thereof.  Something wasn't right about it.  It just wasn't me.      

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legal stranger said...

I was wondering why you took down the post a few days ago and now I understand.
Thanks Orbi for sharing that with us.