Friday, January 29, 2016

"The Criminal Complaint Against Former Racine Mayor Gary Becker"

From Racine WI Arrest Records:

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In another strange but unrelated incident, Gary Becker owned a laundry service and 10 years later Dynasty Restaurant would made the news again:

Racine restaurant owners arrested, accused of money laundering

The owners of the Dynasty Family Restaurant in Racine were arrested Friday following federal indictments accusing them of using the business to launder drug money.

According to Racine police and the indictments charging Abigail and Norberto Rapeta with money laundering-interstate commerce, the two used proceeds from a large-scale cocaine distribution operation that involved Abigail's brother to open the restaurant and buy vehicles and other properties.

The two have used the restaurant to launder more drug proceeds since 2005. The business and other properties, which have been frozen by the government, could be subject to forfeiture, according to the indictments.