Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"The Ronettes - 'Be My Baby' - live [HQ]"


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The Ronettes

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Eddie Money and Take Me Home Tonight:

The song not only introduced Spector to a new generation, but also got her on MTV for her first time, as the clip got ample airtime on the network. Spector released a solo album the following year called "Unfinished Business," but she never scored another hit.
Ronnie Spector appeared in the video, mostly in silhouette form, but a financial dispute nearly kept her out of it. The video was directed by Nick Morris, who helmed popular clips for Europe ("The Final Countdown") and Paul Young ("Everytime You Go Away").

According to Morris, Spector's boyfriend/manager told her not to be filmed until they received a payment he felt they were owed, so Morris said they would just use his wife, Fiona O'Mahoney, who was also the producer on the shoot, in place of Spector, which conceivably could work because most of Spector's scenes were shot in shadows.

In out interview with Morris, he explained: "We put Fiona in the dress that Ronnie was going to wear, we put a wig on her, and we started doing a camera test where Ronnie and her manager could see it. Her manager was going, 'They're just bluffing, Ronnie, they're not going to do it. They're not really going to do it, Ronnie.' And Ronnie was like, 'They are going to do it and I'm not going to be in the video!'

In the end, she saw sense, and she performed it. The whole crew applauded. But that was a wild and wacky thing to do, and maybe a bit cruel to do, but we were English in Los Angeles making our third or fourth music video, and if we'd come away having paid Ronnie extra money, that would have crashed our budget. But my producer didn't get to be in the video."

Solid Gold (1986) Season 7 - Eddie Money w/Ronnie Spector - "Take Me Home Tonight"