Saturday, January 23, 2016

"Update - Sheriff’s arrest owner of dog found stuffed in a bag in Columbia County"

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"Update from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department-The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office says deputies have arrested the owner of the dog that was found abandoned.The owner is 56-year-old Terri Lynn Benson of Pardeeville. Benson is being held at the Columbia County Jail on charges of mistreating animals and abandoning animals.

"Benson is scheduled to appear in Columbia County Circuit Court on Monday, January 25.

"Sheriff Richards says his office has received a tremendous amount of offers of support for the care and rehabilitation of 'Misty,' the abandoned black lab. Richards says anyone interested in contributing toward the care of Misty should contact the Columbia County Humane Society."

"From the Columbia County Humane Society - Last night, we were called by the Sheriff’s Department to come and pick up a dog. This dog was found by people who were out near hunting grounds north of Portage in the Town of Fort Winnebago. When our staff member arrived, she was told the dog was found in a large camping type bag that was zipped up. The dog suffered head trauma and was left in the bag. We immediately took her to the Portage Veterinary Clinic where Dr. Cooper examined her. He scored her body condition as a 1 out of 9. She has a very large mammary tumor and needed immediate attention for her head wounds. This poor dog needed 19 staples to close her head wounds. She is on antibiotics and pain medication.

"We are furious this dog suffered whatever trauma she suffered and was discarded like trash. If you recognize this dog, please contact us or the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department. They are investigating the incident. Their number is 608-742-4166. Our number is 608-742-3666. She is currently here at CCHS and hopefully on the mend. We don’t know what her future holds at this time but we and the Portage Veterinary Clinic will do what we can to help her.

"If you would like to donate: – then click on the link on the left 'Make a Donation'"

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What the hell is the matter with people?


Anonymous said...

People need to spay and neuter their pets - there are far too many unwanted animals around!

AND that doesn't excuse People who take on pets when they can't be responsible owners --- those People must be held accountable.

Anonymous said...


Woman who abandoned wounded dog told police it was an intended act of sympathy gone terribly wrong

A Pardeeville woman appeared in Columbia County Circuit Court on a charge of felony mistreatment of an animal for leaving a dog bleeding from a head wound, dying in a duffle bag.

She told authorities it was an intended act of sympathy gone terribly wrong.

After Benson turned herself in, she told a detective with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office that on Wednesday, Misty had gotten out and ran for a few hours before coming back home and began “acting goofy.”

On Thursday, she told the officer, she came home to find Misty had been flopping on the floor, had been throwing up and messing in the house and possibly having a seizure.

“I thought she was dead, I didn’t have the money to do anything, my other half did call (the veterinarian) about putting her down,” Benson said, reportedly crying through the interview. “I was a real a**hole.”

When the detective pressed, asking about Misty’s head injuries, Benson reportedly told the detective that she had put a blanket and a sheet over the dog’s head and struck her with a hammer, three or four times. Thinking Misty was dead, Benson put her in a blanket and then zipped her in a duffle bag, which she then left in the bushes at French’s Creek Recreation Area.