Saturday, January 23, 2016

"Why Has My Wisconsin Tax Refund Been Delayed?"

Bullshit. They've received my Homestead Credit Claim, but say it will take 8 -12 weeks to process it. It's the simplest of documents. I filled it out in 10 minutes. But, of course, the state follows no laws or rules except those that they choose or make up along the way. My claim will not be received in time to help with my money problems next month.

Fuck the government.  I mean that with all my heart.  As I was screaming at insurance companies yesterday, I talked to one guy who started in on government regulations.  I said, "Don't tell me that you believe the government is meant to serve the people?  The government's job is to wring every last goddamned penny they can out of you.  They don't work for us, they work against us."

I firmly believe that.  The government of the USA and its states are criminal enterprises.  They're killers and whores, and they don't give a shit about you or me.  Any and all resistance from the oppressed is our duty to our country.  Our government is a sham, and it's our job to bring it down and fix it.  No one else will.    


Anonymous said...

Taxation with representation turns out to be as bad, if not worse than taxation without representation - especially when those who levy, collect, benefit and distribute the taxes are beneficiaries OF the tax system which was erected. IMAGINE! the ignominy of being forced to vote on increasing your own pay and benefits! Why are government officials and employees allowed to vote? How come it isn't the taxpayers voting on the pay raises for government officials and employees? Enjoy that "representative democracy" while you can. Just ask Racine County DA (and Republican) Rich Chiapete how *GREAT* it is to be able to destroy public property, lie to the Police, have your wife lie to the Police, flee from the scene of an accident, drive drunk, involve the neighbors, and be able to declare oenself to NOT be a criminal....... LOL. The People of Racine WI are stoopid.

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Anonymous said...

Is Wisconsin overgenerous with it's State Employees and your tax dollars?

Fact Sheet on Mandated Benefits in Health Insurance Policies

Health insurance policies sold in Wisconsin often include "mandated benefits." These are benefits that an insurer must include in certain types of health insurance policies.

Dependents—Insurers that offer individual or group health insurance policies (including vision and dental plans) and self-insured health plans of the state or of a county, city, village, town, or school district that provide dependent coverage of children are required to provide coverage if requested to an adult child of the applicant or insured as a dependent of the applicant or insured if the child is under the age of 26.

CHILDREN UNDER AGE AGE OF 26! You read that right.... The People of Wisconsin are stoopid!

Anonymous said...

hear hear, want the truth......its all here.

Anonymous said...

More suggested reading:

OVERSHOOT LOOP: Evolution Under The Maximum Power Principle

Today, when one observes the many severe environmental and social problems, it appears that we are rushing towards extinction and are powerless to stop it. Why can’t we save ourselves? To answer that question we only need to integrate three of the key influences on our behavior: 1) biological evolution, 2) overshoot, and 3) a proposed fourth law of thermodynamics called the “Maximum Power Principle”(MPP). The MPP states that biological systems will organize to increase power[2] generation, by degrading more energy, whenever systemic constraints allow it[3].


Anonymous said...

ONE SHOULD ASK himself, who help create Isis ?
When you know the answer, then you may begin to understand who is our real enemy.
Here's looking at you kids !

legal stranger said...

A good way to start the day.
So let's begin with being human.
To error is human, you are human, I am human, sooner or later we all make a bad choice.
That being said , yes the D.A. is human and did make a huge error in judgment.
And yes that error could have been, and perhaps should have been criminal in nature.
Reality is being DIRECTLY connected to the "CORPORATION" (State of Wi., County of Racine) usually does come with some type of "special consideration" or "get out of jail free card".

A momentary lapse of good judgement should not be misconstrued as a patterned or habitual offender. You have heard me say this before, a snap shot in life does not necessarily reflect the total picture of the character or the contributions of that person to the community.
He has had his one shot over the bow, a warning, He is responsible enough to understand a second digression of bad judgment will take him down.

Because somebody has a bad moment in life, I usually don't hold that moment against them because we all have lapses of good judgment, so I look at the BIG picture.

Now for the record, Our current D.A. has NEVER done me any "favors".
What he has done is be responsive to many of my lawful request for information or attempts to aid others who may be entrapped in the legal arena, whether directly or as collateral damage.

I hope that clarifies some issues you may have with people of conviction or convenience.

Now for the issue of drug testing Judges and ALL other public servants including elected officials, I am all for that.

OrbsCorbs said...

The real reason your Wisconsin tax refund is late: Act 10. I have a friend whose brother works for the state in Madison. The state has not replaced any workers/auditors that review our claims. People have retired, quit, and died, but they aren't replaced. Thus we now have to wait 10 -12 weeks for our refunds when it used to be just a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

Walker sucks!

Anonymous said...

they do this to keep you from filling next years homestead credit, the more they make it a hassle for you to receive your check, the more there thinking you wont file it next year, thus collecting all the payed home taxes, and keeping more for themselfes. I think that the state needs to be audited for these kind practices. homestead credit's are for the lowest tax people retired living on s.s. or just poor, living under the poverty level. it just heartbreaking to see the government praying on those people, and using the identity or fraud thief as their excuse for not paying on a timely manner, it's just rotten!