Saturday, January 9, 2016

"Wisconsin’s Dirty Underwear Revealed to the World ! Many thanks to Netflix!"

From Racine County Corruption:
Racine County Judge Ptacek
Former D.A. Michael Nieskes

Guess who's underwear belongs to who?

We have the dirt on Racine County former D.A. Michael Nieskes and current Judge Ptacek and we speak poorly of them often.

Many Wisconsinites were already aware of the corruption in Wisconsin law and politics long before the Netflix series of the "Making of a Murderer" documented the case of 
State v. Steven Avery. 

From local to State Government, there are few places free from corruption.

Both the Demoncrats and the Repulsicans jointly share the fruits of corruption.
Yes Wisconsin is a culture of corruption.
At the Wisconsin Attorney General's office we have also documented the lies and cover up tactics use to protect their fellow corrupt government employees. 

At the Wisconsin Attorney General's office, Peg Lautenschlager  so violated her oath of office in the overseeing of the Avery case as J.B.Van Hollen did in 2012 covering Racine District Attorney Michael Nieskes's ass.

It seems the Wisconsin Attorney General's office exists to abuse their power and protect the criminals acts of other government employees.
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