Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My email: "FYI ROCKFORD"

Why is Racine taking advice from one of the most notoriously corrupt cities in the Midwest? 
Is Transform Rockford connected to local officials that are subjects of an FBI investigation into corruption?
Rockford also has allegations of illegally shutting down African-American bars: 
Rockford also has fraud in their city government: 
Rockford also has more claims of corruption connected with their police department: 
Rockford also has Facebook pages and blogs dedicated to pointing out corruption: 
Look who wants to play.
Find their connections.
We have more infiltration from the local newspaper which would be fantastic for the administration, wouldn't it? Nothing but great deeds of the board would be presented which would be biased for the community. We have spouses with connections- marketing that has been contracted to the district previously. We have legal minds and some connections to religion, too. So many dots to connect. At this point, there's only one we would support out of the lot.
Rockford area voters went so far as to get an Anti-Corruption Advisory Referendum on the ballot, passing with 85% approval. 

And this one also: 
The FBI probe into Rockford and Winnebago County is happening RIGHT NOW as Racine looks to Rockford as a model to transform under the guise of Visioning a Greater Racine. The claims of widespread big rigging, kickbacks, fraud, misconduct and other allegations have spurred the need for a hotline to report additional instances, as there are concerns about massive cover ups. 
"A toll-free hotline will be rolled out, as soon as this week, allowing county employees and the public to anonymously report instances of fraud, ethics violations or misappropriation of funds. The board lowered the threshold — from $30,000 to $12,000 — for spending by county department heads without the board's approval, and purchasing card spending limits were lowered for employees who are authorized to use them."

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Anonymous said...

I'm visioning Racine Mayor John Dickert in prison! Along with his cronies and henchmen.