Monday, February 15, 2016

"Mount Pleasant Village Administrator Kurt Wahlen Hires a Law Firm To Sue Residents, Fire Chief Robert Stedman Refuses to Take Questions and Trustee David DeGroot Becomes Unhinged"

From Kurt Whalen Exposed:

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legal stranger said...

By Mr Degroot's comments, it appears David Degroot has gone medically septic and is unfit for public office.

Anonymous said...

Dave DeGroot revealed who he is when he chose to hire Kurt Wahlen as Village Administrator, and later give him a 31% increase in pay - the same Kurt Wahlen who participated in a scheme which violated a Person's rights, failed to follow the law, and acted improperly on Insider information provided by his employer. That is straight from the Wisconsin Court of Appeals:

Instead, the criminal Racine County DA Rich Chiapete along with Scott Walker have acted to protect Kurt Wahlen from the consequences of his actions. Scott Walkers criminal acts are apparent in the next ORBSCORB article, where Scott Walker was notified of criminal acts going on at a Wisconsin Confinement Facility, but failed to act.

Hopefully the Voters of MTP have had enough and they will vote out Dave DeGroot, Rick McCluskey, Anna Marie Clausen, John Hewitt, Sonny Havn and elect a Board that will FIRE! Kurt Wahlen.

The State of Wisconsin is operated by criminals for profit and gain and the UN needs to intervene.

Unknown said...

David DeGroot is a vile little misanthrope.

Hopefully the Voters of MTP will flush him out of the Village Hall.