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"Nick Blackwell Injury: Is It Time To Ban Head Blows in Boxing?"

By On 3/30/16 at 7:28 AM

British middleweight fighter Nick Blackwell, left, at the SSE Arena, Wembley, March 26, 2016. Blackwell was placed into an induced coma after the fight with Chris Eubank Jr, the son of Chris Eubank, right. Adam Holt/Action Images
"The ugly picture of boxer Nick Blackwell’s swollen eye jarred the conscience of a nation.

"In the name of sport a young man has suffered a serious brain bleed and been placed in an induced coma. With good fortune he will make a full recovery. But visible injuries and ring deaths are a small manifestation of boxing’s avoidable damage to the lives of its participants.

"Boxing is unique, even above mixed martial arts, in encouraging blows to the head. Football is another sport that allows damage to brain cells through heading balls. A football player heads the ball multiple times each game. A boxer can receive hundreds of blows to the head in a single bout. It is similar to using a person's head as a football.
"The brain is suspended in the skull like a jelly in a box, held by strings. A blow causes the brain to strike the walls of the skull. One neurosurgeon has claimed that 80 per cent of all boxers have brain scarring as a result of the cumulative effects of blows. The British Medical Association has said that boxing should be completely banned.

"If that happened the sport would go subterranean and the health precautions of the legal activity would disappear. Boxing would revert to its barbaric 19th century past.  The Queensberry rules prohibited blows below the waist.  Armed with our present knowledge that boxers are as vulnerable to blows above the neck as they are to blows below the waist, I proposed a parliamentary bill to ban blows to the head as a sensible first-step reform. It was intended to probe the mood of the U.K. parliament and the country towards this issue. A favourable response would have persuaded the government of the day to support the bill or introduce a similar one of its own."

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Body shots cause damage, too.  If you ban head shots, body injuries will increase.  Maybe they should just thumb wrestle.

"The Supremes, 'Love Child' 1968"

Has it really been almost 50 years since having a child out of wedlock was a shameful thing?

Monday, March 28, 2016

"Man loses leg by shooting lawn mower full of explosives"

Yup, I definitely don't want to be around when the next generation takes over.

"Donald Trump destroys Wolf Blitzer"

"Racine 6Th District Alderwoman Sandy Weidner Fights Back Against Bogus, Annonymous, Attacking Letter Sent Out To Residents, Asks Public For Any Info On Who May Have Sent Out."

From Racine Community Media:




"Alderwoman Weidner’s letter was originally sent to the Journal Times for publishing and was never published by the Journal Times."

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The fact that the Journal Times would not print a letter from an Alderman just fries my shit.  Thank God Mark Lewis and lying John don't have a relationship. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016


A report released in 2015 by the Governors Highway Safety Association found an increase in pedestrian fatalities, and cited texting while walking as partly to blame.

by , Staff Writer
"Here is another reason to take a break from texting or talking on your smartphone while walking in New Jersey: a possible $50 fine.

"A bill proposed this week by Assemblywoman Pamela R. Lampitt (D., Camden) would impose a fine of up to $50 and possibly 15 days in jail for pedestrians caught using their cellphones without hands-free devices while walking on public sidewalks and along roadways.

"If the bill becomes law, 'petextrians' - people who text while walking - would face the same penalties as jaywalkers in New Jersey.

"'I see it every single day,' Lampitt said Friday. 'Maybe they will think twice about it.'

"A report released in 2015 by the Governors Highway Safety Association found an increase in pedestrian fatalities, and cited texting while walking as partly to blame.

"Since 2009, pedestrian fatalities have increased by 15 percent to 4,735 in 2013, the report said. Nearly two million pedestrian injuries were related to cellphone use, the report said.

"Another study, from Safe Kids Worldwide, a Washington-based nonprofit, found that 40 percent of teens said they had been hit or nearly hit by a car, bike, or motorcycle while walking.

"The survey of more than 1,000 children between ages 13 and 18 found that 47 percent of those who said they were hit or almost hit were listening to music, 20 percent were talking on the phone, and 18 percent were texting, researchers said.

"Researchers say distracted walkers are more likely to ignore traffic lights or fail to look both ways before crossing the street."

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You can't fix stupid.


Happy Easter

"The Real Reason You're Circumcised - Adam Ruins Everything"

My parents came from "the old country." No circumcision. My dad told me that during the Nazi occupation of his homeland, if you were circumcised and the Nazis spotted it, you were assumed to be a Jew and sent off to a concentration camp. Now that's a damn good reason not to get circumcised. Or, if you are, don't use public restrooms where prying eyes lurk.

I Laughed Out Loud

"The Rolling Stones rock Cuba with historic concert"

My, oh my, how things change. What goes around, comes around.

"Guns at GOP convention petition nears 35K, Trump wants to study 'fine print'"

David M Jackson, USA TODAY 1:42 p.m. EDT March 27, 2016

Then-Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul and his wife Kelley Ashby walk outside the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland before an August debate. (Photo: Andrew Harnik, AP)

"Donald Trump says he wants to study a petition that calls for allowing the open carry of guns at the Republican convention this July in Cleveland.

"While proclaiming himself "' very, very strong person for Second Amendment,' the Republican front-runner told ABC's This Week that 'I have not seen the petition. I want to see what it says. I want to read the fine print.'

"Posted on the website, the petition of unknown origin notes that 'though Ohio is an open carry state, which allows for the open carry of guns, the hosting venue -- the Quicken Loans Arena -- strictly forbids the carry of firearms on their premises.'

"That 'is a direct affront to the Second Amendment and puts all attendees at risk,' said the petition that has more than 34,000 signers.

"The other Republican presidential candidates -- Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich -- have not commented on the open carry petition.

"The name of the group purportedly behind the effort — Americans for Responsible Open Carry — does not appear anywhere else online and accepts online message only from networked supporters, the Akron Beacon Journal reported.

"The Ohio Republican Party said it was not aware of the petition, the Journal reported, nor was the host committee overseeing the convention, although it noted that the Secret Service, in conjunction with Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and state and federal authorities, is handling security for the event.

"'They are coordinating and will be continuously refining security plans leading up to the national convention,' said Alee Lockman, a spokesperson for the Republican National Convention, the Journal says.

"In 2012, firearms were banned by the Secret Service at the Republican convention in Tampa.

"Contributing: Doug Stanglin"

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Oh, please, please, PLEASE, let them carry guns.  Lots of guns. 

"Corruption @ 717 Wisconsin Avenue"

"This is a documentary based on the corruption inside of the Justice system of Racine Wisconsin. This documentary shines the light on the Corruption of Attorney Mark Nielsen, Judge Jude, DA Patricia Hanson, Judge Gaskiorkiewicz, The Racine Sheriff Department and more.... BEFORE YOU VOTE! YOU MUST SEE!!!"

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"Does Racine Mayor John Dickert Read The Journal Times?"

From News The JT Can't Use:

"The Publisher of The Journal Times, Mark Lewis, has bent over backwards been more than gracious in allowing Racine Mayor John Dickert to publish his editorials in the newspaper. In addition, The Journal Times is a valuable source of information and the cities newspaper of record. It is unfathomable to think that Racine Mayor John Dickert does NOT read the newspaper, but then again John Dickert is no paragon of virtue. Oddly enough, despite showing such contempt for The Journal Times, along with setting a bad example for Racine Residents, John Dickert shares the distinction, along with Mark Lewis, of being a sitting member on many local boards of importance, to include RCEDC and RAMAC."

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JM - 22

Praying for death again.  This happens when my life becomes shittier than usual.

My early AA training brought me back to some simple prayer each night.  I say the Lord's Prayer.  And AA's third step prayer.  Plus a little prayer of my own: "I love You, I thank You, I trust You."  But I can't really trust anybody.  Situations occur in which it would seem provident to trust.  Most often, though, not.

In AA I found a way to quiet "the committee" in my head: I simply repeat prayer over and over and over to drown out "the committee."  It worked great and my life improved considerably, mostly because I wasn't drinking.  I remember sitting in AA meetings and talking about when I hit bottom, I prayed for death.  It wasn't supposed to happen anymore.

Unfortunately, my mother's needs destroyed the life I had built in AA and turned me back into a resentful animal.  It was very difficult to care for her because she didn't do much to care for me as a child. I still stay sober through prayer, but my life has deteriorated considerably.  To be blunt, I want out.  I can't off myself until after November or my life insurance won't pay face value, only refund premiums.  So when it gets this bad, I ask to be taken, repeatedly.  Again, this repetition drowns out other stuff.

I feel obligated to no one but Charlie.  I would love to find a good home for him before I die.  But if I die in my sleep or of a heart attack or whatever, I won't have any say over what happens to Charlie.  I figure if I trust the Lord enough to take me, then I trust Him to take care of Charlie.  I also don't care if my ultimate destination is hell.  I'm already living there. 

If I survive past November, then I can make arrangements for Charlie before I punch out.

My life is shit and has been shit for so long that I'm getting used to the taste of shit sandwiches.  I'm tired of busting my ass to make ends meet.  I sink further and further into debt because my income is fixed, but all other costs are rising.  I can find no employment that I'm suited to.  Fuck, I'm a physical wreck.  64 years old, half blind, serious mental health issues, serious digestive tract issues, serious arthritis, and, thanks to my idiocy, serious kidney disease.  In fact, all of my health problems are self-inflicted.  It's obvious I hate myself, hurting myself repeatedly.

I just can't handle life on these terms.  When I was working in landscape, I was one of the happiest people on earth.  I loved the hard labor.  It was all part of the new life I had built in AA.

That life is gone now, shattered into a million pieces.  I hang on, but it just gets worse and worse.  If I survive into old age, I have no children to take care of me.  My family is dead.  And if there is half a chance of seeing them again in an afterlife, I'll go for it.   As dysfunctional as my family was, I miss them terribly.  Not a day goes by that I don't shed tears for them.

So, I'll continue to pray for death.  It's the only option I have left.  And if it gets much worse, fuck the life insurance and I'll check out.  I don't need an obituary or funeral or showing of any kind.  Just cremate me and toss the ashes.  My depression deepens and won't let up.  And my psychiatrist, the one person I felt bonded to concerning my mental illness, is retiring.

Please, Mr. Death, visit me.

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"What believing in God does to your brain"

"Researchers found humans suppress the analytical areas of their brain in order to believe in god"

Samuel Osborne  627 comments

The study also found those with spiritual beliefs were more empathetic than those without

"Humans suppress areas of the brain used for analytical thinking and engage the parts responsible for empathy in order to believe in god, research suggests.

"They do the opposite when thinking about the physical world, according to the study.

"'When there's a question of faith, from the analytic point of view, it may seem absurd,' said Professor Tony Jack, who led the research.

"'But, from what we understand about the brain, the leap of faith to belief in the supernatural amounts to pushing aside the critical/analytical way of thinking to help us achieve greater social and emotional insight.'"

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If believing in God makes people more empathetic, then what's the harm?  The world could use a whole lot more empathy and/or God.

"Microsoft's Twitter Chat Robot Quickly Devolves Into Racist, Homophobic, Nazi, Obama-Bashing Psychopath"


"Two months ago, Stephen Hawking warned humanity that its days may be numbered: the physicist was among over 1,000 artificial intelligence experts who signed an open letter about the weaponization of robots and the ongoing 'military artificial intelligence arms race.'
"Overnight we got a vivid example of just how quickly 'artificial intelligence' can spiral out of control when Microsoft's AI-powered Twitter chat robot, Tay, became a racist, misogynist, Obama-hating, antisemitic, incest and genocide-promoting psychopath when released into the wild.
"For those unfamiliar, Tay is, or rather was, an A.I. project built by the Microsoft Technology and Research and Bing teams, in an effort to conduct research on conversational understanding. It was meant to be a bot anyone can talk to online. The company described the bot as 'Microsofts A.I. fam the internet that’s got zero chill!.'
"Microsoft initially created 'Tay' in an effort to improve the customer service on its voice recognition software. According to MarketWatch, 'she' was intended to tweet 'like a teen girl' and was designed to 'engage and entertain people where they connect with each other online through casual and playful conversation.'
"The chat algo is able to perform a number of tasks, like telling users jokes, or offering up a comment on a picture you send her, for example. But she’s also designed to personalize her interactions with users, while answering questions or even mirroring users’ statements back to them.
"This is where things quickly turned south.
"As Twitter users quickly came to understand, Tay would often repeat back racist tweets with her own commentary. Where things got even more uncomfortable is that, as TechCrunch reports, Tay’s responses were developed by a staff that included improvisational comedians. That means even as she was tweeting out offensive racial slurs, she seemed to do so with abandon and nonchalance.

"Some examples:"


I think this is utterly hilarious.  Read the rest of the article and see more of Tay's comments.  They should have put a white robe and hood on Tay.  Big embarrassment for Microsoft.  How would you like a bunch of armed robots roaming around with Tay's personality?  Terminator, here we come.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Bodycam Video Released In Fatal Shooting Incident"

From LiveLeak:

"Fresno, CA - The family of a mentally ill man shot seven times and killed by Fresno police in September filed a lawsuit against the Fresno Police Department on Wednesday, and their lawyers released a graphic video they say shows the police body cam footage of the shooting at a news conference Thursday.

"The video appears to show two Fresno police officers, identified in the lawsuit as Zebulon Price and Felipe Miguel Lucero, exit their car, identify themselves and yell for Freddy Centeno, 40, to get on the ground. They then fire nine shots – seven of which hit Centeno. The time between them getting out of the car and firing their weapons is a few seconds.

"Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer told The Bee that the video he reviewed showed the officers giving Centeno multiple commands. It also showed Centeno reach into his waistband and pull out the garden hose nozzle. He will hold a news conference Thursday and is considering releasing the police body cam footage, which is normally against department policy.

"The video released by the lawyers includes narration and a slow-motion replay of the shooting, which shows the ninth shot was fired while Centeno was already falling down from the first wounds.

"The shooting occurred around 11 a.m. on Sept. 3. Centeno was in a coma for 23 days before dying on Sept. 26.

"Police had received several calls from neighbors saying a shirtless man had threatened them with what appeared to be a gun. The department was aware of Centeno’s mental illness, but Price and Lucero were not, Fresno police Lt. Mark Salazar said at the time.

"Centeno family attorney Humberto Guizar said that Centeno was holding the black garden hose nozzle at the time of the shooting, but that the violent and hasty response by officers was well beyond their legal limits."

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Honey-Roasted Ham

IQ Test


"Huge regional divide over Trump among GOP voters in Wisconsin"

From JSOnline:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to guests gathered at Fountain Park during a campaign rally on March 19. Credit: Getty Images

By Craig Gilbert of the Journal Sentinel

"Donald Trump has inspired a gaping regional divide among Republican voters in Wisconsin, reflecting many of the fault lines plaguing the GOP today.

"In an upside-down version of a traditional campaign, the Republican front-runner is immensely unpopular in the reddest part of the state — the outer suburbs and exurbs that ring Milwaukee.

"These are the party’s bedrock counties: Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee. They typically dictate the outcome of GOP primaries like the one Wisconsin will hold for president April 5. And in fall elections, they’re arguably the best-performing Republican counties in America.

"But GOP voters in these counties dislike Trump by a very large margin. In extensive polling by the Marquette University Law School, 25% view him positively and 64% view him negatively, for a 'net favorability' — in his own party — of 'minus 39.'

"The picture is dramatically different at the other end of the state, in the small cities, towns and countryside of northern and western Wisconsin.

"Here Trump’s favorability score is 'plus 21' among Republicans: 53% view him positively and 32% view him negatively.

"This geographic chasm reflects some of the key voting patterns seen in other states this year, including Trump’s strength in struggling white communities and his appeal to blue-collar Republicans."

Read more:

Trump's a dick.

Scissors, Rock, Paper, . . .

"Plea deal for Mount Pleasant man in alleged child sexual assault case"

From The Journal

"RACINE — A Mount Pleasant man inked a plea agreement on Tuesday, seven months after he was accused of having sex with a 13-year-old girl he met online.

"During a plea hearing on Tuesday, Salvador Q. Escobedo, 23, pleaded guilty to second-degree sexual assault of a child. The plea deal means Escobedo faces potentially more time behind bars than he has been alive, and his defense attorney, Patrick Cafferty, said he would have to register as a sex offender for life after he is sentenced this summer.

"The charge is punishable by a maximum of 25 years behind bars and up to 15 years on extended supervision. But as part of the plea agreement, Racine County Assistant District Attorney Dirk Jensen said he will recommend that Escobedo be sentenced to whatever amount of time is proposed by a Wisconsin Department of Corrections agent who will evaluate Escobedo before his sentencing.

"But Circuit Judge John Jude warned he’s not bound by recommendations made by Jensen, the agent or Cafferty.

"'I can impose whatever penalty I think is appropriate, including up to the maximum time,' Jude said."

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Why the plea bargaining?  Racine continues to be soft on child sex and porn cases.   What can you do when the judges are corrupt, too?

Sunday, March 20, 2016


From Racine Community Media:

"Despite writing numerous personal commentaries in the newspaper, Racine Mayor John Dickert swears underneath and penalty of perjury that he does NOT read the paper!!!"

Read more:

Maybe he's illiterate.

"Join the Journey to Disrupt Aging"

Posted on 03/18/2016  by | Comments: 0 | Print Print

"With the help and support of my friends, family, and colleagues, and with the inspired contributions of my co-worker, Boe Workman, I’m counting the days to publication of Disrupt Aging: A Bold New Path to Living Your Best Life at Every Age.

"Disrupt Aging is an invitation to choose how you live and age, a guide for anyone who wants to continue exploring possibilities, to celebrate discovery over decline, and to seek out opportunities to live the best life there is to live.

"I want people who read it to see what all of us at AARP see, that at a time when individuals should be basking in the glorious gift of longer, healthier lives, we are surrounded by negative images of aging. These images, and the fears of growing older that they inspire, are overdue for an overhaul. In my fantasy, every reader will be moved to become a disruptor of aging, creating a mass movement to shake up outdated beliefs, change the conversation about what it means to get older today, and spark new solutions so more people can choose how they want to live and age.

Disrupt Aging: The Book — A bold new path to living your best life at every age »

"In tackling this social mission, I’ve grabbed the baton that AARP’s founder, Ethel Percy Andrus, passed to each of us who has had the honor of leading AARP. Ethel was a wonder, and she was one of the original disruptors of aging. She said, way back in 1962: 'This is a country where it is wonderful to be young. It must also become a country where it is wonderful to be old.' At that time, she’d already hurled herself into making it happen, with the creation of AARP one of her most important contributions.

"We’ve made enormous progress since Ethel’s day, but not enough to bridge the gap between what people would like aging to be like, and what’s holding them back from achieving their vision. They want to be self-sufficient, stay active, build intimacy with family and friends, and just have fun. But they are being constrained by the dominant cultural view of aging as a process of deterioration, dependency, reduced potential, family dispersal, and digital incompetence.

"AARP took part in a study that concluded 'these deep and negative shared understandings make … aging something to be dreaded and fought against, rather than embraced as a process that brings new opportunities and challenges for individuals and society.'

"It’s time we put a stop to this dusty old thinking and replace it with more accurate, up-to-the minute ideas. Aging has changed, and it’s important to understand where we are today, where we must go, and how to take advantage of the incredible opportunities we now have to change the way we live our lives for the better.

"As CEO of AARP, as a daughter, wife, and mother, as a woman rejoicing in my vintage, I want to be judged by who I am, and what I do – not by how old I am.

"Most people turning 50 today can expect to live another 30-plus years. That’s more time than they spent in childhood and in adolescence, and for many, it’s more time than they spent working.

"Our ability to live longer, healthier, more productive lives is one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments. I invite you to join us in this Disrupt Aging journey."

Read more: 

 Jo Ann Jenkins is the chief executive officer of AARP. Follow her on Twitter @JoAnn_Jenkins.

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"Suvivors of Loved Ones Suicide Support Group"

From RacineUncovered:

Filed under: Community Calendar,Local News |

You are not alone
SOLOS-Survivors of Loved Ones Suicide
Support Group

NAMI RACINE COUNTY will be holding a support group for
Located at 8400 Washington Avenue – EAST building Parking in back lot.
Enter at the Walk-In Clinic

Signs will guide you to the support group
March 9th and March 23rd
April 13th and April 27th
May 11th and May 25th
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Please contact NAMI Racine County for questions on support group at 262-637-0582 or 262-637-6200

Read more:

"Well, shit. Fuck"

From Knuckledraggin My Life Away:

"Fiocchi 125 gr. 357 magnums. Six rounds in a little under 5 seconds, in a 12″x12″ target 10 yards away from a ready position and ohmigod I can’t believe I’m that slow.

"I went up shooting with Cousin Jimmy a few weeks ago and tried a fast draw-n-shoot and thoroughly blew it. Two years ago I was doing it from a draw in just over 4 seconds and nowadays I can barely do 6 in 5.

"Getting old fucking sucks. Not staying in the game sucks even more."

Read more and see video:

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Koran


"Police agencies' obstacles can stymie open records requests"

From JSOnline:

By Terry Spencer, Associated Press

"Fort Lauderdale, Fla. — When the editor of a gay-oriented newspaper in Florida requested records that he thought should be public, he cast a wide net, asking that the email of every employee of the Broward County Sheriff's Office be searched for specific gay slurs over a five-month period.

"The sheriff's office initially told Jason Parsley that his request would cost $399,000, take four years and require the hiring of a dedicated staffer. The response set off a public-records marathon that lasted nearly a year. The Associated Press featured Parsley's effort last year during Sunshine Week, a national government-transparency initiative that takes place each March, and then decided to join forces with his newspaper, the South Florida Gay News.

"The goal was to determine whether such police emails were indeed public and, if so, how the public and media could obtain them in a timely and cost-efficient way.

"After making multiple records request to four Florida law enforcement agencies, the two news organizations have at least a partial answer, which could provide a blueprint for other news organizations reporting on police accountability.

"As law enforcement agencies have come under increased scrutiny in recent years, media organizations, watchdog groups and others have become more vigilant about filing public-records requests for emails and documents, particularly after police shootings. Police agencies have not always complied, and those that do sometimes put up obstacles, charging fees that many open-government advocates say are excessive and aimed at keeping hidden information that should be public.

"'They throw up ridiculous costs, ridiculous delays as a roadblock,' said Barbara Petersen, head of Florida's First Amendment Foundation. 'If you throw out a humongous number, the person is going to walk away,' particularly private citizens who often do not have the money to hire lawyers or the know-how to challenge inflated fees.

"In many states, including Florida, government agencies can waive records fees if they deem releasing the information in the public interest. While it is routine for media organizations and others to seek such waivers, it is rare for agencies to grant them.

"Other examples of excessive fees abound in Florida and elsewhere."

Read more:

"Late maneuvering in Senate blocks cannabidiol measure"

From JSOnline:

By Jason Stein and Cary Spivak of the Journal Sentinel

"Madison— A bill to help anguished parents get a child seizure treatment failed to get a vote amid Tuesday's hastily adjourned Senate session, even though a strong majority of senators support the proposal.

"Three top GOP senators successfully blocked the bill, which would have made it easier to get a drug that is derived from marijuana and used to treat children who suffer from severe seizures and have few other medical options.

"Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) stymied a floor vote on the legislation Tuesday by scheduling a hearing on the bill and then canceling it on Wednesday. Bills can't be brought to the floor if they have a hearing pending.

"Fitzgerald, who indicated he would have voted for the bill himself, said he used the parliamentary rule to keep other GOP senators from having to vote against a bill that they support.

"When Democrats tried to take a two-thirds vote to override that rule, Fitzgerald abruptly adjourned the Senate before the vote could be held. The action drew sharp criticism Wednesday from the bill's bipartisan supporters, including Sen. Van Wanggaard (R-Racine) and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester).

"'They should use actual facts to explain why they are blocking the will and hope of parents statewide,' Wanggaard said of the bill's opponents.

"'That three senators stopped that bill — it's outrageous and it's unconscionable,' Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) said.

Read more:


"Howell a finalist for Rockford chief job"

From The Journal

"RACINE — Racine Police Chief Art Howell is a finalist for the police chief vacancy in Rockford, Illinois.

"Ian Linnabary, the board secretary for the Rockford Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, confirmed that Howell is one of three finalists for the opening vacated by Chester Epperson in November 2015.

"Linnabary also confirmed that Rockford Assistant Deputy Chief Doug Pann and Elgin, Illinois Operations Bureau Commander Daniel O'Shea are the other two finalists for the position.

"Howell became Racine's first black police chief in April 2012. 

"The Journal Times will update this story as more information becomes available."

Read more:

If Howell goes, I wonder who will be lying John's next police lapdog?

"Relatives Of Killed 17-Year-Old Home Invader: How Else Is He 'Gonna Get His Money'?"

By: Robert Kraychik March 15, 2016

"Relatives of a teenaged home invader who was killed by a homeowner while seemingly exiting the home he had broken into are asking observers to consider the mentality of of children “raised in the hood.”

"17-year-old Trevon Johnson was shot and killed after the 54-year-old woman homeowner was alerted to his crime via a home surveillance system. After arriving at her home, she witnessed Johnson exiting a window of her house. There was then a confrontation in which Johnson was shot once. Police arrived on the scene within seconds and applied CPR. After being rushed to the hospital, Johnson was pronounced dead.

"Seemingly justifying her relative’s commission of burglary, Johnson’s cousin Nautika Harris suggested it was the only way through which he could obtain money.

"'You have to understand, you have to look at it from a child's point of view that was raised in the hood. How he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school?' asked Harris.

"'I don't care if she have her gun license, her rights, or any of that,' said Harris. 'That is way beyond law. Way beyond.'"

My God.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The voices in my head . . .

"Doctors told to avoid prescribing opiates for chronic pain"

"The nation's top federal health agency urged doctors to avoid prescribing powerful opiate painkillers for patients with chronic pain, saying the risks from such drugs far outweigh the benefits for most people.

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its first ever guidelines for dispensing the morphine-like, addictive drugs, such as Vicodin and OxyContin, said it took the action Tuesday to combat the nation's deadly prescription painkiller epidemic.

"The guidelines carve out an exception for patients receiving cancer treatment or end-of-life care. When doctors determine that such drugs are necessary in other situations, the CDC advises doctors prescribe the lowest possible dose for the shortest amount of time.

"About 40 Americans die each day from overdosing on prescription painkillers, according to the CDC. In 2013, an estimated 1.9 million people abused or were dependent on prescription opiates.

"'We know of no other medication routinely used for a nonfatal condition that kills patients so frequently,' said CDC director Thomas Frieden. 'We hope to see fewer deaths from opiates. That's the bottom line. These are really dangerous medications that carry the risk of addiction and death.'

"The CDC directed the guidelines to primary care physicians, who prescribe nearly half of opiates. Doctors aren't legally obligated to follow the recommendations, which are intended for adult patients, but such directives often have influence."

Read more: 

The Center for Disease Control once again shows its ignorance about addiction.  Doesn't anyone else think the rise in heroin use is tied to previous CDC attempts to curb opiate painkillers?  People will get their drugs, one way or another.  In my opinion, initiatives like these do more harm than good by forcing more people to use street drugs to treat their pain. 

"From 2001 to 2014 there was a 6-fold increase in the total number of deaths," from heroin. -

Monday, March 14, 2016

"Man charged in Kalamazoo shootings says Uber app made him do it"

"DETROIT -- A man charged with killing six people in a series of shootings in southwestern Michigan interspersed with stints as an Uber driver told investigators he was being controlled by the ride-hailing app through his cellphone, police said Monday.

"According to a police report, Jason Dalton told authorities, 'it feels like it is coming from the phone itself' and he didn't know how to describe that. He also described something 'like an artificial presence,' the report said. 

"Dalton is charged with murder and attempted murder in the Kalamazoo-area shootings Feb. 20 outside an apartment complex, a restaurant and at a car lot. Two people survived. Investigators say Dalton didn't know the victims and described the shootings as 'random.' They still are trying to determine a motive. A judge earlier this month ordered Dalton to undergo a mental competency exam.

"The details are in documents released by the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety and Kalamazoo County sheriff's office in response to public records requests by The Associated Press and others.

"Dalton's attorney, Eusebio Solis, did not immediately respond to an email Monday seeking comment.

"Police said in the report that Dalton said 'he is not a killer and he knows that he has killed.' Dalton added it's 'scary' because he 'isn't sure how much he had or had not done,' and was afraid 'that maybe he could've killed his family,' according to the report."

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He should have worn his aluminum foil hat.  I think I'm being controlled by my toilet.

Friday, March 11, 2016

"Anonymous: Behind the mask"

By Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter

"HOUSTON - A Houston area man has come forward to talk about his involvement with the global hacker group Anonymous and why he severed all ties with the elusive organization.

"Mike Jones claims to be an original member of an organization that, over the years, been credited with cyber-attacks on government institutions, large corporations and terrorist groups.

"'We were looking for new ways, new ways of thinking,' Jones said.

"Jones said the initial idea that led to the formation of the group was 'injustice.' Jones said many of the original members were spurred by a belief the federal government had become overly intrusive into the average citizen's life following the Sept. 11 attacks and unethical practices by corporate America.

"'After 9-11 there was a swing of taking people's civil liberties. There was a knockdown of people's rights and there was a fight for gaining that back,' Jones said. 'We kind of got together, put our heads together and labeled ourselves, basically, freedom fighters. They were aimed at people and organizations that we felt were on the wrong side of the law to begin with.'

"'While you use the words 'freedom fighters,' others out there use the word, 'criminal.' Do you consider yourself a criminal?' Channel 2's Robert Arnold asked.

"'No, I don't,' Jones said.

"'You have broken laws that are on the books. Is that not correct or do you disagree with that?' asked Arnold.

"'I don't disagree, but at the time those laws weren't created. They used us as a way to form new laws,' Jones said.

"At this point in reading if your mental image of Jones is one of a rebel sitting in a dark room lurking on the Internet, consider that he is a husband, father and decorated veteran. Jones enlisted in the Navy during the first Iraq war and re-enlisted after the attacks on 9-11.

"'I went into military intelligence after 9-11,' said Jones. 'There was definitely an intelligence gap, and that's where I wanted to be.'

"Jones said his work with Anonymous started after he left the Navy and while he would not share specific details of some the group's exploits, he said some of what he and the collective did was expose weaknesses in computer systems that can affect the general public.

"'Looking at systems for vulnerabilities is something that helps all of us,' Jones said.

"'Why should you be allowed to, I guess, to just poke around in the dark and see if you can get in?' asked Arnold.

"'The way I look at it is, either I can test it or the Chinese can. Would you rather me test it or someone from China or North Korea test it?' said Jones.

"Jones said his reasons for distancing and ultimately leaving Anonymous were threefold. The first was seeing friends sent to prison under, what at the time, were newly created cyber-laws.

"'They held us to almost a terrorist level. Matter of fact they called it cyber-terrorism,' Jones said. 'I think that made a lot of us feel like less than citizens. When I look at my kids, jail is not somewhere I want to be.'

"The second reason is Jones said he feels like the original intent of Anonymous has become diluted.

"'The idea is disappearing. Guys are buying Anonymous masks at Party City, they're running through the streets and starting fires with the Anonymous mask on, that's not who we are,' said Jones. 'The idea was a pure idea and it was not physical or life-threatening.'

"The third reason was fear of jeopardizing what has become a successful career in the private sector: using skills honed in the underground to help shore up weaknesses in our country's cyber infrastructure, as well as the technology we use in our homes. Jones said after leaving the military, many private-sector companies were hiring people with his particular skill set.

"'Hiring people like me to defend against what we know is out there. It's there, the threat is real,' said Jones.

"'They only way really to know their vulnerabilities and the threat to their companies was to find people like me, that were already there, that were willing to work for an honest paycheck, but also keep their head in the underground.'

"'Why reveal yourself at this point?' asked Arnold.

"'At this point it's not a coming out, it's a walking away,' said Jones. 'I'm walking away from Anonymous.'

"Jones said publicly talking about his past involvement with the group will also hopefully remove future questions about where his allegiances lie.

"While KPRC could not concretely prove or disprove Jones' involvement with Anonymous, we were able to verify his Naval record and his work in the private sector. KPRC also reached out to Anonymous through a pair of Twitter accounts but did not receive a response.

"KPRC also spoke with University of Houston cyber-security expert Dr. Chris Bronk.

"'You know this is not an organization that gives out a membership card,' Bronk said.

"'Would it surprise you to see one of the original guys coming out and talking like this?' asked Arnold.

"'I'm not surprised at all. I have a good friend who was part of the 'Cult of the Dead Cow' hacker group, which was very big in the 90s and he's very legit now,' said Bronk. 'Does anyone want to be a revolutionary forever? Probably not.'

"Bronk also echoed some of the points Jones made regarding a dilution of Anonymous' original message.

"'Infringement on the Anonymous brand became a serious problem for the organization pretty quickly as it rose to power,' Bronk said. 'We had no way of knowing, "Are these guys true Anonymous confederates, or are these guys who can put up a YouTube video with a good Guy Fawkes mask that you can buy at any party store?"'

"Bronk added it is no longer uncommon for those who acquired skills in the digital sub-culture to later find legitimate work as penetration testers.

"'It's a career where you can make a lot of money,' Bronk said.

"Bronk said part of our country's defense also now depends on finding people who can help safeguard against cyber-attacks and intrusions.

"'Hacker power is real. It's part of the overall mix of power on the planet today,' Bronk said.

"This month the Department of Defense launched the 'Hack the Pentagon' initiative. According to federal officials, the DoD is inviting vetted hackers to 'test the department's cybersecurity' under a pilot program. A March 2 news release reads, 'The bug bounty program is modeled after similar competitions conducted by some of the nation's biggest companies.'

"In February, President Barack Obama's proposed 2017 fiscal year budget called for spending $19 billion on cybersecurity."

"2016 2"

"Sheriff's Deputy Foils Cab Robbery"

Very nice.

"Donald Trump’s Rally in Chicago Canceled After Violent Scuffles"

"CHICAGO — Donald J. Trump abruptly canceled a large rally here on Friday night as scuffles and shouting matches erupted on the arena floor between large groups of his supporters and protesters angered by his campaign.

"Cable news networks broadcast live scenes of chaos inside the arena that showed people on both sides screaming at, punching and shoving each other.

"At one point a protester clambered onstage and stood behind the speaker’s podium ripping up a campaign sign until security pulled him away.

"In an interview two hours before the rally was set to begin, Mr. Trump gave no indication of the cancellation. He said that he was en route to the Chicago event but that he had been told it might be 'rough' in terms of protests.

"Trump supporters, some of whom had waited in the stands here for hours, appeared stunned by what had happened, and some shouted at members of the news media and the vocal group of protesters.

"Mr. Trump said he decided to cancel the event because 'people would have been potentially very badly hurt.'

"'I don’t want to see people hurt,' he said in an interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

"Still, Mr. Trump portrayed the disruption as a sign of a troubled country and a violation of his supporters’ rights.

"'You can’t even have a rally in a major city in this country anymore without violence or potential violence,; he said.
Civil war at Trump rallies.  Maybe this is how it'll begin.