Friday, March 11, 2016

"Donald Trump’s Rally in Chicago Canceled After Violent Scuffles"

"CHICAGO — Donald J. Trump abruptly canceled a large rally here on Friday night as scuffles and shouting matches erupted on the arena floor between large groups of his supporters and protesters angered by his campaign.

"Cable news networks broadcast live scenes of chaos inside the arena that showed people on both sides screaming at, punching and shoving each other.

"At one point a protester clambered onstage and stood behind the speaker’s podium ripping up a campaign sign until security pulled him away.

"In an interview two hours before the rally was set to begin, Mr. Trump gave no indication of the cancellation. He said that he was en route to the Chicago event but that he had been told it might be 'rough' in terms of protests.

"Trump supporters, some of whom had waited in the stands here for hours, appeared stunned by what had happened, and some shouted at members of the news media and the vocal group of protesters.

"Mr. Trump said he decided to cancel the event because 'people would have been potentially very badly hurt.'

"'I don’t want to see people hurt,' he said in an interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

"Still, Mr. Trump portrayed the disruption as a sign of a troubled country and a violation of his supporters’ rights.

"'You can’t even have a rally in a major city in this country anymore without violence or potential violence,; he said.
Civil war at Trump rallies.  Maybe this is how it'll begin.


Anonymous said...

War of the Worlds more like it.
This is what happens when Welfare class meets Working class.

legal stranger said...

Just like concerts, if you don't like their music, don't go.
Imagine if music haters attended concerts to interrupt concerts.
The protesters are idiots and most are the first to cry like babies when things don't go their way, claiming the likes of racism and prejudice if they could spell it.

OrbsCorbs said...

Musicians don't run the country, although they probably should.