Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"City Cable Commission Disappears! - YouTube"

From Racine Community Media:


"Racine Mayor John Dickert is completing his takeover of Racine’s Community Access channel by extinguishing an entire cable commission of eight members. After altering and influencing a city RFP bid for the Mayor’s friends, after violating city ordinances for the past 3 years, the city now aims to just change the laws.

 "On Tuesday night the Committee Of The Whole will take up the communication of changing all the city laws protecting residents and their rights regarding the community access tv station.

 "After violating the city’s own laws over the past couple years, The City Of Racine will now attempt to just change the laws and cover up the illegal activity that took place surrounding the City Of Racine’s public access tv channel and alleged bid rigging and collusion. 

 "City Administrator Tom Friedel was caught lying to the Common Council and the community when asked about the City Cable Commission in April of 2015 he said, 'We’ve received all but one resignation' To date the city has received only two resignation letters leaving six active members. Why would the city not appoint replacements? Why would the city eliminate the residents and community at large?"

Read more:  http://racinecommunitymedia.tumblr.com/post/140233433773/city-cable-commission-disappears-youtube

Dirty, lying, cock-smokers!  Will the rule of law and order ever return to Racine?  Not when you have corrupt maggots working in City Hall.


Anonymous said...

What else can Racine Residents expect when "Let'em Go" Racine City Attorney Scott Letteney fails to hold corrupt and criminal Racine elected officials accountable for their misdeeds and instead chooses to provide them with cover?

billonthehill77 said...

familiar with the term complicity ?

OrbsCorbs said...

It doesn't matter. This is Racine, land of the taxed and home of the corrupt. Ain't nobody going to do shit.