Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"Guards investigated for antagonizing mentally ill state prisoner"

From JSOnline:

By Gina Barton of the Journal Sentinel
March 2, 2016 12:04 p.m

"Three guards were investigated for antagonizing an inmate with a mental illness at the state-run Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility last summer, the Department of Corrections has confirmed.

"The investigation began Feb. 6 when officials received a copy of a recording the officers made of themselves harassing the inmate via the intercom system. It was concluded on Monday and 'appropriate actions were taken,' according to a memo from Superintendent Ronald K. Malone obtained by the Journal Sentinel.

"A reporter's email to Malone last week was forwarded to Jeffrey Grothman, then a corrections department spokesman, who did not provide additional details about the nature of those actions or whether they included discipline.

"On the recording, which was provided to the Journal Sentinel by a confidential source, the inmate becomes more and more agitated as the jailers threaten to withhold his medication.

"'I don't care what the doctor says,' one of guards says. 'I will personally take the meds and throw them on the ground before you will get (expletive).'

"Another later chimes in: 'Hey guess what...I'm taking away your (expletive) meds and I'm gonna suck them all down myself.'

"The inmate responds by shouting, cursing and threatening the guards, who cackle and insult his mother."

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Listen to the recording from the JSOnline site:  Incredible.  Guards torturing a mentally ill inmate.  Seroquel is one of my meds.

The more videos and audio tapes of official misconduct that pop up nationally, the more people will distrust law enforcement officers.  I now assume that this type of treatment is "business as usual" throughout the nation. Fuck the criminals, but fuck law enforcement officers even more.  They lie and cover up for each other, just like the criminals.  I realized a long time ago that cops and criminals have much in common.  Two sides of the same coin.  After sitting in a room full of cops during a trial over 20 years ago, I believe that they are capable of anything.  Even murder.  It's all a game to them.  I was literally sick to my stomach after listening to "Racine's finest" boast about their game of cowboys and Indians.

The cops in the sequestered room were doing exactly what the guards do in this story.  They kept mocking me, trying to get a rise out of me, but I sat silent and stared straight ahead.  The case was dismissed because the cops made an illegal search of an apartment.  So proud of themselves, yet so stupid that they can't properly execute the search of a premises.. 

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