Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Howell a finalist for Rockford chief job"

From The Journal

"RACINE — Racine Police Chief Art Howell is a finalist for the police chief vacancy in Rockford, Illinois.

"Ian Linnabary, the board secretary for the Rockford Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, confirmed that Howell is one of three finalists for the opening vacated by Chester Epperson in November 2015.

"Linnabary also confirmed that Rockford Assistant Deputy Chief Doug Pann and Elgin, Illinois Operations Bureau Commander Daniel O'Shea are the other two finalists for the position.

"Howell became Racine's first black police chief in April 2012. 

"The Journal Times will update this story as more information becomes available."

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If Howell goes, I wonder who will be lying John's next police lapdog?


Anonymous said...

For those who remember the controversy - Howell was NEVER the choice of John Dickert - Howell was always an Outsider who was only chosen to avoid a costly lawsuit which John Dickert KNEW he would lose.

Attorneys say reopening chief search would have been ‘suicidal’

RACINE — When Ronald Teachman dropped out of the running as the third finalist for police chief, the Police and Fire Commission lost its only white and external candidate.

Teachman’s withdrawal left two internal candidates, both minorities and veterans of the Racine Police Department: Deputy Chief Art Howell and Lt. Carlos Lopez. The commission then announced it would reconsider previously eliminated candidates and heard some public criticism before reversing that decision two days later.

Now, labor law attorneys tell The Journal Times that was likely the best option to limit liability because abandoning the process then and reopening the search would have been “suicidal” from a legal or a political standpoint. While commissioners have remained tight-lipped on their reasons for wanting to break process and reopen the search after Teachman bowed out, the commission president has emphatically repeated it has never been a matter of race. Indeed, three of the five commissioners are minorities.

With the Bar Civil Rights/ RICO lawsuit behind them, Howell has been likely encouraged to go out and shop his-self around. Rockford is NOT a step up, and Illinois taxes will lessen his take home pay. Lying' John needs a TRUSTED White man in charge - one who will be privy to the rogue dirty tricks division which is ensconced inside the RPD.

Howell wasn't a Lap Dog, he was a TOADY: a person who behaves obsequiously to someone important.

Message sent: Front window Club Park 6 Shot out at 1:09:19 on March 3, 2011 one day after owner is given this Liquor License back to resume business. Police report states kids throwing rocks.

Kids, Rocks, Heavy Commercial Glass, Cameras All over Downtown, another Unsolved Crime. LOL. Dirty Tricks being directed from RPD - likely a high powered air gun.

And as for the Zoo Gate Crasher -

Who was the Southside Black patsy who agreed to take a fall for getting out of an extradition request from Illinois?

Anonymous said...

More strange nonsense from the City of Racine:

After a brief closed session meeting on Friday, the commission voted 5-0 to extend Howell’s contract for two years, or until April 1, 2018.

Asked why the commission chose a two-year extension, Rogers said it was a number commissioners were “comfortable with.”

“The commission had the ability to extend the contract for four years, had we done it when we first started thinking about it six months ago, but we didn’t,” Rogers said. “So two years is a comfortable number for us right now.”

SOoooooooo it's a good timne to start looking now....

“At no point in time have I ever expected the City of Racine to compete with another city … I was recruited to apply for the Rockford job. I didn’t personally seek that opportunity,” Howell said. “Finances are a factor but they are not the driving factor. As I discuss the status of my contract with city leaders, it’s more about equity than it is about money.”

Hmph.... Wonder where Rockford got the idea to consider Howell.... maybe from John Dickert's bestest buddies at Transform Racine?

Mayor John Dickert said Friday afternoon his administration hopes to sit down with Howell once he is done with the Rockford interviews.

“He has to determine whether he will commit to Rockford or to Racine,” Dickert said.

Dickert tried to avoid choosing Howell the first time around, Dickert is holding his breath and crossing his fingers this time!

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