Thursday, March 10, 2016

"National District Attorney Wall of Shame"

There's a new blog in town:

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legal stranger said...

The site is work in process and reflective to the efforts of Martin Niemoller and Gene Sharp.

Anonymous said...

Nieskes even looks dumb.

From Bum-Fuck Wisconsin:

Michael Nieskes boasts a unique resume.

Before coming to St. Croix County in 2012, he had served as a circuit court judge and a district attorney in Wisconsin.

So when St. Croix County District Attorney Eric Johnson saw the opportunity to promote Nieskes, he named him to a post that hasn’t existed here in at least 30 years.

Johnson announced Wednesday that Nieskes will take on the role of deputy district attorney. The position, Johnson said, is new in St. Croix County -- at least during the 31 years since he first began prosecuting cases here.

The new position means Nieskes can effectively fill in as the district attorney if Johnson is away.

“It was time to formalize the arrangement and make sure he gets credit for what he’s doing,” Johnson said.

He described the role as tantamount to a sheriff’s chief deputy.

“Mike is an experienced prosecutor and administrator who brings many assets to my office,” Johnson said. “I believe the appointment of Nieskes to deputy district attorney utilizes those assets and benefits St. Croix County.”

The Milwaukee native and 1981 DePaul University College of Law graduate came to St. Croix County in September 2012 after serving for a year as a circuit court judge in Racine County. Nieskes previously served as the Racine County district attorney, having won elections in 2004, 2006 and 2008.

OH, and how quaint....

Annual bar stool races take place in Somerset

The Somerset American Legion Post 111 held its annual bar stool race March 5. All proceeds from the event went to local charities.

HEE - HAW! MA~! I know I've seen Nieskes down on his hands and knees before!

Anonymous said...

And here's another Racine area Honor Student:

OWI crash victim dies, driver charged with homicide

MOUNT PLEASANT — A passenger in a vehicle in an OWI-related crash Monday has died, the Mount Pleasant Police Department stated in a news release early Friday.

Aaron L. Lundquist, 34, of Racine succumbed to his injuries at 3:33 a.m. Friday, Racine County Medical Examiner Michael Payne said. According to Payne, Lundquist suffered internal injuries and numerous fractures in the crash.

The driver has been charged with homicide by vehicle.

Christopher Hetchler, 20, of Mount Pleasant was charged with a felony Wednesday after he admitted to smoking marijuana just minutes before the crash, according to police.

COULD it be that the Honor Student had just left Racine's hottest Southside bar, Doobie’s Beer Joint.

What da Fuck? Good times in Racine - and what the fuck was some loser 34 year old doing hitching a ride with a stoned 20 year old - WTF - they need to blood test the dead passenger and if he was stoned - drop the homicide charge. And what an honor student Aaron Lundquist is - just CCAP him - yep, check out the B-day and addresses - he's been traveling around and got hisself a DUI Up-North, a child maintenance action and owes a bunch of money. Hopefully they can collect from his Estate...... LOLOLOLOL!!! Give that dumb fuk a DARWIN AWARD!

Time for some Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid

Alice Cooper for President!