Monday, March 7, 2016

"Off-duty deputy reportedly shoots dog for protection"

From The Journal

Journal Times staff17
"RACINE COUNTY — An off-duty deputy, who reportedly feared for the safety of his wife, shot and killed a dog Sunday afternoon, according to a Racine County Sheriff’s Office press release.

"The off-duty deputy was on a walking path with his wife and small lap dog near the Union Grove Water Treatment Plant when a large white dog came out of a wooded area charging towards the couple, according to the release.

"The complainant stated his wife picked up their dog and the unrestrained white dog attacked her and the dog she was holding. The incident was reported shortly after 2:45 p.m. Sunday.

"The off-duty deputy feared for the safety of his wife and shot the attacking dog which ran away and was later found deceased, according to the release.

"The victim was treated for minor injuries on scene by rescue personnel. This incident is still under investigation. The release did not name the deputy."

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Pepper spray would probably have worked just as well, but he was off-duty and I'm not even sure if they carry it on-duty.


Anonymous said...

Krazy Kelly got it right.
COP 101, claim fear to life to justify any shooting

Anonymous said...

Notice how the press identifies the dog as white.
White lives matter!

legal stranger said...

Whether on or off duty, an officer of the law should act with restraint when using deadly force. Pepper spray is an excellent deterrent and probably would have been a safer choice than discharging a firearm.
You train monkeys, educate humans.
The post office who faces daily threats from animals knows the difference between training and education. The news is full of "trained" law enforcement friendly fire shooting victims, including blue on blue. No free pass on the shooting because he wears a badge.