Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Op/Ed: A Picture worth $1.187 Million"

From Racine County Eye:

By Rees Roberts in Breaking · March 10, 2016 · No comments 

"This item should deeply matter to every single property owner in Mount Pleasant.  It could set a dangerous precedent.  Please read, like and share but also call up your friends and relatives who also own property in Mount Pleasant and tell them about this Op/Ed.

"The following graphic shows actual numbers for property assessments received yesterday (March 9, 2016) by property owners on Hwy V.  This should scare everyone!

"Remember, this property assessment to the Hwy V folks (who live in Mount Pleasant) is for CALEDONIA development.  You read that right.  You add their numbers up just between Hwy C and Hwy 20 and you get $1,187,000.00.  How would you feel if you collectively received bills like this?  Between sewer and water this represents over $100 per linear foot of frontage property assessment.  That is crazy.

"Pick a property on the Hwy V photo of Mt. Pleasant – the number in red is the bill you are getting which will go to pay for sewer and water going to Caledonia so Caledonia can proceed with their development of their Village. But you aren’t even hooking up to it because you already have well water and a working (and paid for) septic tank. The number in black is the value of your property. That sewer/water bill (in red) gets paid in full first if you sell your property – and then you have to pay to hook up to the water and sewer. That is easily another $10,000 more.  Imagine if this was your house – any hope of financial equity in your property is gone for a very, very long time.

HWY V Price TagGraphics by K. Gallaher

"This is just plain wrong.  What is wrong with the majority of the current board of trustees of Mount Pleasant?  Only Gary Feest and President Jerry Garski voted against this.

"This is THE reason why everyone in Mount Pleasant should come out and vote for Ken Otwaska, Gary Feest and Jon Hansen in the April 5th, 2016 election.  They will protect your investment in your home.  It should matter to you because if it can happen to the Hwy V folks it can happen very easily to YOU.  Make a difference…..  VOTE on April 5, 2016!!!!

"This Opinion by Rees Roberts.  A Mount Pleasant property owner."

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Anonymous said...

Well, SOMEONE's gotta pay and the old and stoned Mayor of Little Sodom on the Lake, Paul Soglin got it right when he described Wisconsin a: "“vast economic failure that is Wisconsin over the last five years". Well, it has actually been since the corrupt Tommy Thompson Administration - when the Republicans and Democrats each attempted to outdo each other in corruption and crimes against the People - and so Wisconsin is the criminal State.

Here's some free advice - G.T.F.O.

And as for some on Highway V who claim that it happened to them first, and therefore might happen to others - WELL - while the White and Affluent of Highway V were going about their business Kurt Wahlen and his Employer, Racine Mayor John Dickert were doing the same thing to a group comprised of People of Color who had Downtown Racine Businesses.. Where were the Highway V Residents then? Well, I didn't see or hear them either.

FEAR -I Don't care about you

I-94 Exit 333 takes you straight down the Highway to Hell

legal stranger said...

Good Point TD
Few understand and appreciate Martin Niemoller.
Enjoy watching the national sickness and syndrome;
INIMBY - Its Not In My Back Yard
That's right, its now in their front yard!

This is what happens when the cost causers are not the cost bearers.