Tuesday, March 22, 2016



Anonymous said...

peace thru power

OrbsCorbs said...

If you could get all of the sons-of-bitches on one island, then we could nuke it. As it is, they've infiltrated every country and have to be taken out one by one.

PC disclaimer: Of course, I mean only those followers of Islam who are violent.

Truth disclaimer: If any other religion had an element that murdered people regularly, people from that religion would take care of them. As it is, Islam shits its terrorists on us and then expects us to clean up the mess. Until they clean up their own mess, I consider all of them terrorists.

Seriously, if a violent group of Catholics said that the Bible tells them to kill others and they then started killing, blowing up, and otherwise murdering innocents in the name of Catholicism, you don't think the Pope and other Catholics would do something about it other than whine "stop stereotyping us"? Yet the followers of Islam expect others to do the job for them. Or else they're all lying and terrorists.