Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Kenny’s On Main To Close"

From Racine County Eye:

By Denise Lockwood in Business · April 19, 2016 · No comments

"Local tavern owner Doug Nicholson will add another bar to his holdings after he bought the building Kenny’s on Main, 1300 N. Main St.., is located in.
"Nicholson bought the building from Gilbert Paar on Tuesday. Kenneth R. Meyer, owner of Kenny’s on Main, leases the building from Paar. But Nicholson did not buy the business, only the building.
"Nicholson also owns the Carriage House Liquor Company, Envi, and The Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery, which are located on or near Main Street. He plans to renovate the space and open his own corner bar at 1300 N. Main St., he said.
"'Kenny’s is in there now,' Nicholson said. 'I talked to him today and told him that I bought the building, but I’m not looking to keep anyone on as a tenant.'
"Kenny’s on Main had been in front of the Common Council when its liquor license was called into question last year after a few customers were charged in separate drunken driving crashes where two people were killed and seven people were injured. Alderman Jeff Coe told Meyer at the meeting that the bar had been mentioned in several incident reports. Meyer told the committee that they check patrons’ identifications with a scanner, but it had stopped working that weekend, according to a story by the Journal Times."

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My, oh my, how far daddy's money propels you.  Lying and covering up for lying John doesn't hurt. either.  This bar will never come before the Licensing and Welfare Committee again because Nicholson is best buds with lying John.  Black owned bars are called before the committee if they sneeze too loud.  Nicholson has had a shooting outside of Envi, but he's given a pass for being lying John's pal.  He liquors up all his customers and then turns them loose on the rest of Racine.  How many drunk drivers do you think have left his bars?  Of course, the rest of us bear the brunt of his customers' actions.  As always with Nicholson, someone else pays for his deeds.

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