Saturday, April 2, 2016

"Los Angeles father kills son for being gay"

Published on Apr 2, 2016
"A Los Angeles man charged with fatally shooting his 29-year-old son for being gay had repeatedly threatened to kill him over his sexual orientation, prosecutors say. Tuesday, Amir Issa, 29, was found shot to death just outside the family home. While the Los Angeles County district attorney's office charged father Shehada Issa, 69, on Friday with murder as a hate crime in the son's death, investigators on Saturday still were trying to determine responsibility for a second killing at the home discovered by police at the same time, that of Amir's mother, police spokesman said."

Finally, a cure for homosexuality.

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Anonymous said...

Death - It permanently cures what ails you. And to boot, it's Biblical!

Overview of Leviticus 20:13:

This is almost identical to Leviticus 18:22. In transliterated Hebrew, the verse is written: "V'ish asher yishkav et zachar mishk'vei ishah to'evah asu shneihem mot yumatu d'meihem bam." However, it adds a compulsory death penalty to the participants. In various translation the passage has been translated:

"The penalty for homosexual acts is death to both parties. They have brought it upon themselves."

The 'God hates fags' - Church (Hilarious!)