Monday, April 11, 2016

Poll: Franz Kafka's The Trial

In one person's response to this novel (, he wrote, "I read the plot on wikipedia, much like Racine's court  in that does not rule on law, nor follow law, but instead treats all as guilty and property of the government without proper recourse.
"I like the plot!"

Can it be?  Is our local court system corrupt?  You decide. Read the novel (or at least the Wikipedia page for the novel -

Personally, my skirmishes with the local law enforcement system have all been in their favor.  That's because I don't want to fight even if I'm innocent.  I pay the fine - that's what they really want.  I'm a good sheeple in court.

Speaking of which, the last time I had to stand before a judge in Racine, none of the people preceding me addressed the judge as "your honor."  I did.  The judge didn't say anything about it, but I could see his smile broaden when I said it.  Most of the people there were dressed more appropriately for a hoe-down.  I didn't see bare feet, but it wouldn't have surprised me.

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Anonymous said...

The Police are given ticket quotas and part of their performance evaulation is based upon fulfilling that quota - so YES - the Police, ESPECIALLY Wisconsin State Patrol and Racine Police Department will harass and ticket you - even if they have to stretch the truth to give you a ticket.

State troopers union sues over policy requiring enforcement quota

In 2012, the State Patrol created a new form for evaluating trooper performance on an experimental basis in the State Patrol’s Southwest Region, which is bound on the north by La Crosse, Monroe, Juneau and Adams counties and the east by Dodge, Jefferson and Rock counties. It includes Dane County.

The form describes the quotas that troopers must meet as one traffic stop per hour of patrol; one citation per 1.8 hours of patrol; and one warning per 0.8 hours of patrol.

The lawsuit states that troopers who don’t meet quotas face consequences that include the denial of training opportunities and being assigned less-desirable vehicles and older equipment.

As for RPD's ticket quotas, taken from the 2016 City of Racine Budget, page 18:

Fines and Forfeitures: $2,222,000; that is the amount which the Racine Police Department is expected to bring in as revenue to City coffers.

The budget shows that RPD is far more active than required, bringing in $2,366,641 in 2014, and projected to bring in $2,384,720 in 2015.

Police LIE - all the time.

That is part of the Policeman's function - Revenue Officer For The State.

legal stranger said...

The Racine courts are CORRUPT.
It is not unusual for the judges to have exparte conversations with the Assistant District Attorneys(ADA) and District Attorney (DA) concerning defendants case without the knowledge or notification to the defendant.
THAT IS BIAS AND PREJUDICE behavior of the judge against the defendant.

I could go on and on about Judge Ptacek and the deceased Judge Barry, but the ones that read this has already heard the stories.