Friday, April 1, 2016

"Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Lead The Way For Racine and Mayor John Dickert"

From News The JT Can't Use:

With the Chicago Honor Students on a roll in 2016, per stats collected by HEY JACKASS! It’s become desperation time in Chicago.

"With Racine Mayor John Dickert bringing all the graft and corruption of Chicago politics to Detroit West, aka Racine, WI., it may be time for Mayor Dickert to stop whining about not being able to annex any more territory to Racine and instead get rid of the undesirable and failing areas which don’t positively contribute to Racine’s revenue and are run down ghettos comprised mainly of unemployed People of Color, crime, drugs, and failing infrastructure.  After all, how much more of this shit can Racine take before it is forced to declare Bankruptcy or ask the Governor for a bailout?"

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Party on, lying John!

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Anonymous said...

Mount Pleasant would be wise to dump the shithole neighborhood in the vicinity of the Johnson's tower - it's nothing but grief and a cost center. Let Lying John have the ghettos.

I note that Racine shootings are way up! Just like Milwaukee.

Enjoy the death & destruction and keep putting those taxing Demoncrats in office. ( although there ain't s difference between a Racine Democrat & Republican because they're in it together!)