Friday, April 15, 2016

Same old, same old

Anyone who reads the online alternative news sources and blogs knows that Racine Uncovered has featured lost and found animals, as well as animals looking for their "forever home," for years.

Recently, Racine County Eye adopted the practice of featuring animals looking for their forever homes.

Today, I check out the Journal Times website and what do I see?  "Slideshow: Animals looking for forever homes"

The Journal Times is always the last to jump on a bandwagon, letting others vet stories and concepts for them, then they put up a splashy story on their website.


Unknown said...

Crazy Cat Ladies often are employed and lavish $$$$ on their pets while treating them like the children they never had or aborted. Having disposable income appeals to advertisers!

Crazy Cat Lady buys paper because of cute animal pics - Retailer buys ad space in paper to sell goods to Crazy Cat Lady - Mark Lewis, JT Publisher, gets paid!

RU and RCE have partnered for a long time. RU is also affiliated with an animal rescue organization - another 501c-3, if I'm not mistaken.

Today's male is often unemployed, or underemployed, spends his time gaming on the computer and masturbating to porn. No disposable income to spend - even Cheetos and a Mountain Dew is a big event.

Unknown said...

BTW - since you now know the way to successful marketing on the Internet - and it's NOT pimping alternative media which may make people uncomfortable - try another blog with the intent of making $$$.

Furever Friends, or something of that ilk. Partner with RU, RCE and the Humane Society. Run content that would appeal to Crazy Cat Ladies. LOOK at all the ads on RU and RCE - PAYING SPONSERS - sure, it took time, but it works. THEN - get a 501c-3 and donate to your favorite charity - YOURSELF! Collect Dollars, donate pennies to the actual charity - ala "United Way" or "Red Cross" - which take your money and distribute it to themselves.

Go to Guidestar and start checking out Racine CHarities and see where the BIG $$$$ is:

According to the 2014 Racine County United Way Report, Rodney Prunty (Secretary-President) was paid $111,219 and received other compensation of $31,764, while David Maurer (Former Board, Past President) skimmed - OOPS! I mean was paid $77,352 and received other compensation of $19,879.

You may also want to check out the the 501c-3 for the Douglas Ave. Flatiron Mall - where a BINGO cash operation is run - Racine COunty SUpervisor Kenneth Lunmpkin is on the BOARD! EVen though property taxes haven't been paid in years, and the reporting on the form 990's seems spotty and suspect - well, there's nothing like having a cash *WINK* *WINK* Business. It's kinda like John Dickert's Donation Jar.